How to upgrade your Google Analytics (GA) Account to GA4

Google analytics 4 is the latest update that the universal analytics software has come up with. If you are having a business on the internet, then you might want to pay attention to it. Jon an SEO Consultant in Berkshire recommends internet users remain current on the Google Analytics system for their businesses. Despite the procedure being pretty straightforward, due to lack of time and knowledge, people always want to hire the best professionals for the task. In this blog, we are going to discuss how one can upgrade their Google Analytics to GA4 and its benefits.

How to upgrade to Google Analytics 4?

The upgrade procedure from Google Analytics to GA4 is straightforward. For people using the gtag.js version, the upgrade procedure is even simpler. For those who are using Google Tag manager, the addition of a new tag will allow users to start collecting new information in their reports. GA4 Specialist UK recommends users upgrade their existing analytics to GA4 for the best features.

Confirmation of your current universal analytics

Users need to start by logging into the Google Analytics Account, where they will find the option to confirm their universal analytics usage. They will be across three columns in the admin panel of the analytics account. The three columns will be named Account, property, and View Column. Existing GA4 users will only find two columns in their admin panel including account and property.

To conclude, GA4 Specialist UK believes that one would across either of the two possibilities:

Three columns in the admin panel or two columns in the admin panel. The latter allows users to proceed without undergoing any upgrade.

After upgrading to Google Analytics 4

After the Google analytics has undergone an upgrade, the next course of action calls for users to head over to the admin panel to the property column. Users will find the GA 4 setup assistant at the top-most part of the column. Clicking on the launch assistant button is going provides the users with two options, either creating a new GA4 property or connecting with the existing GA4 property.

People using the google tag manager will be required to add a new tag. Users with the gtag.js version just need to add the collection data option to the existing tag.

The next course of action requires users to adjust and customize their GA4 property. Tag confirmation and Measurement ID are essential for people using the Google Tag Manager. Before confirming, they have the option to preview the tags, and then they can connect with their website. If the tags are working properly then users can publish the changes by submitting the tags. Thus, the new GA4 tags will become live on the existing websites of the users. Users might also come across enhance measurement settings, activation of Google signals, connection to Google Ad Sense account, and also link to conversion and Audience report in the new GA4 property column.

Jon a GA4 Specialist in the UK believes that these steps require time and patience which most internet website holders do not have. Thus it is best to hire the right professionals.

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