How to Untangle a Necklace With Easy Methods?

May be your necklace is tangled very badly and you think to invest more time into untangling it. May be you think to say goodbye to your beautiful necklace instead of investing time. You can easily buy best necklaces from Ambinaz that looks flawless with every outfit you wear!

So we have designed this blog to help you to avoid both such scenarios. We will go through the main ways of how to untangle a necklace without feeling stressed. So let’s start.

4 Easy Ways to Untangle Your Necklace

How to untangle a necklace? At first, you need to have a flat surface especially black or white to spread your necklace for untangling. This way, you can easily see all the tangles of the necklace. It will be better to turn on the light for more visibility.

Then spread your necklace on a flat surface and start seeing all tangles. Make sure to be gentle while spreading and finding tangles or knots. It will be good to unclasp the necklace. Once you have done it then start:

1. Baby Your Necklace.

Sprinkle baby powder on the necklace generously and cover the entire necklace with powder. The powder is the right lubricant to loosen up all tangles. After sprinkling, use fingers or a pin to start untangling knots. If there is a need, sprinkle more powder.

After untangling, clean the entire necklace using a paper towel and remove all the powder to keep your necklace safe and shining.

2. Get Oily.

How to untangle a necklace? If you don’t have baby powder then you can use baby or olive oil. This oil will act like a lubricant for your necklace. Don’t put oil onto the necklace while dip a cotton pad into oil and dab the necklace with it to loosen all knots. For bad knots, rub or massage oil to the necklace until it loosens all knots.

After untangling, rinse all oil using mild soap or jewelry cleaner and water. Then dry it with a soft paper towel.

3. Use Windex.

Another option is the use of Windex to lubricate your necklace. Use a cotton pad and dip it into Windex and then apply on to the knots. After application, keep the necklace in the container and place this container on a vibrating surface. After a few minutes, all tangles will be untangled so you can rub knots with your fingers.

For cleaning purposes, mix water with mild soap and dip the necklace into it then massage it with your fingers. After that rinse with clean water and dry with a paper towel.

4. Put a Pin in It.

Don’t worry if nothing of the above tips work, you still have an option of using safety pins or needles to loosen all knots or tangles. You may also use a screwdriver or thumbtack. Insert the pin into the knot and slowly twist it. Then use your fingers to unlock the knots but make sure to be gentle while doing this because you are using pins that may break your chain.


Till now you got an idea of how to untangle a necklace without spending more time. From sprinkling baby powder to putting a pin into it, these tips will surely help you. Though using baby oil is not safe because it may damage your necklace and fade it. So you can use pro tips from jewelers to keep your necklace safe from tangling.

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