How to Unlock Owner Locked PDF Document?

Do you have owner level security restrictions in your PDF file? And now want to remove known user level password protection. But don’t know how to unlock owner locked PDF document?

Don’t panic and read the article thoroughly! We will provide you a step-by-step tutorial for unlocking a user-locked PDF without the password.

Before we proceed to its solution, let’s understand the what does owner level security mean.

Owner level Protection – If the PDF files are protected with owner level security it means you have only permissions to read the content without doing any modifications. You don’t have authorisation for editing, copying, extracting, printing, commenting, signing, etc

User Level Protection – It require a user permissions to open PDF documents. With user id and password you can’t even open the PDF file and read it.

Instance Solution To Unlock Secured PDF File

Well, here we have a powerful tool that has the capability to unlock both the user locked and owner locked pdf file. The Advance PDF Unlocker Wizard is a trustworthy and reliable solution to unlock the secured pdf file by removing the known user level password protection and owner level password security. Moreover, the utility is capable enough to remove 128(AES & RC4)/ 256 bit encryption from PDF files.

remove encryption from Lotus Notes database

Now, let’s see how the tool works!

How to Unlock Owner Locked PDF Document?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to unlock owner password protected PDF file:

1. Launch the tool on your machine.

2. Click “Add File(s)” or “Add Folder” option to insert secured PDF Files.

 3. View PDF File Details such as File Size, Permissions (Initially as “Disabled”) and Password.

4.  Choose the Save option to save the unlocked PDF document.

5. After that, click the Unlock button to remove the owner password.

6. Once completion, “The PDF Files are Unlocked Successfully” message gets displayed. Click the OK button.

Now, with this tool, its easy to unlock owner locked PDF document.

What are the Advantages of Using the Software?

The software comes with multiple innovative features that are listed below:

  • Provide an option to unlock PDF files in batch.
  •  Removed copy, sign, comment and edit restrictions
  •  Unprotect PDF files having known user level password protection
  •  Enable form filling permissions in a PDF file
  • Remove owner level password security
  •  Adobe Acrobat is not required to remove restrictions from PDF document
  •  Remove security from 128 & 256 encrypted PDF file
  •  Supports Windows Operating System(32 & 64 bit) 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

It’s Time To Verge

In this write-up we have resolve one of the frequently asked user query i.e. “how to unlock owner locked PDF file”. We have mentioned a reliable and trustworthy solution to unlock owner password protected PDF. Along with this, the tool will efficiently unlock user locked pdf file. The software easily unlock & remove restrictions from multiple PDF documents.

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