How To Uninstall Unwanted/Outdated Applications On Mac

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Uninstalling an application or software on Mac is fairly easy although doing it manually might leave out some residue files if they are not stored in one place. To remove an app has many reasons like either it is just sitting there eating your storage space or the newer version is not working because you still have the old one. Keeping your macOS clean and clutter-free is very important to make your system efficient. So first let’s answer your question on how to remove applications from Mac manually.


  • Just open a new window in the finder which will open applications folder or you can click on the hard disk icon.

  • Now drag the icon of the app you want to delete to the trash and that’s it. You can empty the trash afterward.

  • This is fairly easy if the location of the files used by the unwanted app is stored in one location. 

You can delete the apps that you downloaded from the app store by simply deleting them from the applications folder and the associated folder which can be found in user\library\containers. 
But doing it manually becomes a task if the app or software you trying to delete has files that are in different locations. You will have to locate those files in your system and delete them which will require time and a bit of hassle. So it’s best to be smart about it and install an app that will make uninstalling on Mac easier.

You can take help from other external apps which will help you keep your system healthy and are considered a few of the best Mac cleaning software that is out there. Using external apps to clean out unwanted software also provides additional features to your Mac like increased battery life, monitoring your CPU and RAM usage, and healthy system utilities.


How To Remove Applications From Mac Using Third-Party Apps


  • Smart Mac Care


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This is considered the best app to clean Mac as it not only just cleans out all the junk files, cache files, and trash but also runs scans to remove potential malware, spyware, or adware. This is an all-rounder when it comes to answering the question of how to remove the software from Mac which is unwanted or outdated. It is quite lightweight on your storage space and it will increase the efficiency of your system instantly. It will also monitor the CPU usage and will point out if it suspects any abnormalities in it. If your system crashes or faces any abnormality, this app might fix your problem. Some of the features are:


  • You can easily scan and remove all the undesirable apps and software from your system including associated files and folders.

  • Advanced features like duplicate finder, login items, uninstaller, failed download which will optimize your system.

  • It keeps your identity private to increase security while surfing the internet and also helps in blocking unwanted ads, Trojans, and malware.

.    Clean My Mac X



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To uninstall on Mac and also to make your system run smoother you can rely on Clean My Mac X to do the job. It is user friendly and increases the response of your apps while clearing out loads of storage space. Some of the features are:


  • Fully clean up your system including cache, removing annoying buggy apps, system junk, and best Mac cleaner for old unused or outdated apps. It is quite popular worldwide with positive reviews from its users.

  • You can remove your browsing traces and chat data easily. Keep your privacy by deleting history from messengers.

  • You can even clean broken downloads, iTunes junk files and will scan your photo library to locate useless cache and raw files.


  • Onyx


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This is also one of the best Mac cleaning software and disk manager that will help you to organize your disk. The maintenance tab can help you clean out junk files, unwanted apps by just a single click. The utility section contains tab called applications that let you launch a few of the Mac utilities that are hidden or are in deep corners of your system so this tab makes the launch easier by just one click. Ony x for Mac has so many additional features with the benefit of uninstalling unwanted softwares or apps from your Mac. Some of the features are:


  • Can carry out maintenance tasks like rebuilding the spotlight index, verifying the system’s permission, cleaning your browser, and cache.

  • It will check your hard disk’s startup speed and if there is any error. Reports all the tasks going on in your Mac.

  • The interface is categorized and in different tabs which makes the app easier to understand and can carry out specific tasks according to the user’s will with just one click.

To sum up, if you are just looking for an app to clean out unwanted apps without much of hassle then smart Mac care is the best Mac cleaner. You can use it for free for one scan but the price is reasonable looking at the additional advanced features the app provides. It is quite handy and will quickly scan your system to point out undesirable items. This is one of the highest-ranking apps for cleaning out softwares on Mac with favorable reviews from its users. But if you are a tech-savvy who loves a bit of advanced technical challenge then my Onyx review is in your favor. Hopefully, this article helped you with your question of how to uninstall Mac apps.

We have mentioned above how to remove the software from Mac using manual methods and software. If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

Summary- Would you like to know how to delete mac apps using manual methods? How to uninstall Mac apps using third-party software? Read the above article to know more.