How to Type with Long Acrylic Nails

When you are typing on the laptop or computer keyboard as a woman worker, it is very annoying for you to type with long acrylic nails. When typing with long nails, not only do you register the wrong alphabet, but the noise of typing is extremely annoying for you. Therefore, the question is how to type with long acrylic nails, so you don’t have to worry more.

3 Methods to Type with Long Nails

You need to consider various factor for typing with long nails, and one of the best factors is choosing the best keyboard for long nails. When you get the ideal keyboard that meets all your needs, how can you type with your long nails? And here you get the 3 ways that make your work easier.

Type with Fingers Not with Nails

Many women spend time using the keyboard and it will type with nails and not with fingers, which is one of the biggest mistakes. Your nails don’t provide you with a wide point of contact when we compare it to typing with fingers. Therefore, if you keep your nails safe, make sure that you are using the keyboard using the fingers rather than nails.

By using your finger, you can not only type fast, but also you can keep your nails from being damaged. Finally, try to adjust your fingers’ posture and get a comfortable typing experience even with long nails.

Focus on Accuracy, Not Speed

If you are not a professional typist and want to type with long nails, you need to focus on precision, not on speed. Don’t focus on speed and type precisely, as all the keys are registered when you click. When it comes to accuracy and focus, it will save you lots of time and keep your long nails from being damaged.

When you are typing with long nails, it makes an issue for you and you make more mistakes during working. Also, it will cause the damaging to long nails, and you can spend lots of your time to type and correction of the mistakes. At the end, when you type with your long nails so make sure that all the keys are pressing precisely and you don’t need to focus on speed.

Type with Perfect Shaped Nails

The shape of the long nails is another factor that will turn your typing experience to the next level or lower level. Nails are come up in various sizes and shapes, and you need to keep the nails in better shape to type quickly, even with long nails. The nails that not come with the right shape and size makes your life a living struggle.

Due to these nails, you don’t type correctly, hurt yourself in various aspects, get difficulty eating food, and have a hard time putting on clothes. Therefore, if you are looking to enhance your productivity during typing, you need to ensure that your nails come in a better shape and size.

If you spend lots of your time for typing, keep in mind that your nails are oval or flat-shaped. It proves to be the better choice for you during typing, and it will not cause any issue. You don’t think that beauty makes your life more complicated as a working woman.


Hope you are familiar with the top 3 best methods about how to type with long acrylic nails? By following these methods, you can type with full accuracy and without any hesitation of damaging nails. In the end, we hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you, and all your concern about typing with long nails will go.