How to Type on a pdf file | Edit pdf document

How to type in pdf file – Lots of file extensions are available over internet to share file for but not all are in use. If you want to share pdf file over internet or by offline sharing, few extensions are preferred i.e. pdf. PDF stands for Portable Document Format which is meant to share.

The reason why pdf files are popular is that you don’t need any font to decode the text written in it. In Microsoft word, you get customization for font style, font size and it looks decent. Suppose you had and document written in Georgia Pro and you share with someone, if the person who is viewing the document should had Georgia Pro font installed else he won’t be able to read the text.If you are annoyed with non contact online in facebook messenger and want to delete messenger contact then read how to delete someone from messenger.

To remove this restriction, pdf file are used. In pdf file, you only need any pdf viewer software and you are good to go. You can even read regional language font in pdf file without having the font installed. This make pdf file so popular to for sharing information. Another reason for being popular is the formatting of pdf file can’t be change once the file is converted in pdf format.

PDF file are being used in abundance in eBook’s, research papers, research articles, reports and many more. Unlike everything, pdf files also have some cons i.e. you can edit pdf file. You need to convert in ms word in order to convert those files.

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Today, we are going to see how to type on a pdf file and add text to pdf file

Different way to type on a pdf file | Edit pdf file offline

Method 1 – Editing PDF Document | How to type on a pdf file

To completely edit pdf file, you need to convert pdf file to word file and once you converted pdf to doc, you can open that file in Microsoft word and can edit that file. Another software that will serve the purpose of both i.e. read pdf file and edit pdf file is PDFelement. Using this software, one can remove text from pdf file, add text to pdf file and many more. Here the steps to follow to edit pdf file

Steps to edit pdf file | How do I type on a pdf file

  1. Firstly download and install PDFelement software in to your computer
  2. Now open PDFelement software and then open file in which you want to add text
  3. Now click on Edit button from the top menu to go to the Edit tab. Here, click on the Text Edit icon to enter text edit
  4. Click on any existing text in the document to change, remove, or add text; choose Line Mode to edit the document line by line.
  5. Once you finish typing into your PDF, save the file and you’re good to go.

This was the easiest method and tutorial on how to type on a pdf file and edit pdf document. If you don’t want to edit and just want to add comment in pdf document then follow the method 2, following method will serve the purpose of adding comment in the file.

Method 2 – Add comment of PDF File | Type in pdf

  1. Open PDFelement software in your computer and open the file in which you want to add comment.
  2. Now go to comment tab and you will get three options note, typewriter, and text box. Choose according to your choice
  3. Scroll pdf file and go to the space where you want add comment in pdf file
  4. Click to enter the box on the document and double-click the box and write text.
  5. Click outside the box and your are done
  6. save the file

Wrapping Up

These were the tutorial on how to type on pdf and add text to pdf file. If you face any problem in following the steps on how to type in pdf then feel free to use comment section, we will help you with the process. Make sure you share your experience in editing pdf file with these easy steps.