How to Turn One-Time Shoppers into Loyal Customers

While acquiring new customers should be part of your marketing strategy, repeat customers play a big role in generating higher revenue compared to other customers. Hence, it must be your business goal to make one-time shoppers into loyal customers.

Loyal customers greatly contribute to the success of your sales as they are very likely to recommend your brand, products, or services to their circle.

Building loyalty towards your brand can be done by following the strategies below:

1. Know Your Customers

Interaction with and an effort to know your customers will give them the sense of being important. Besides, analyzing your customers’ lifestyle, hobbies, and interests will give your team ideas on how to improve their shopping experience by creating and adding some personal touches to establish stronger relationships while instilling brand loyalty.

2. Email Communication

Stay in touch with your customers through email by sending them the latest products, promotional codes, loyalty discounts, coupons, extra offers, and more. You can also send useful tips, information, how-tos, or educational videos to let them feel they are valued.

Go back to your customers’ list and send a simple “We Miss You” or “We’ve Been Looking Forward For You To Come Back” message for inactive customers to entice them to revisit your store.

Do not forget to personalize these emails with enticing offers so your customers will re-engage.

3. Seamless Shopping Experience

A smooth shopping experience contributes to building customer loyalty. Once a customer experienced a seamless and easy transaction process, it increases the chance that the customer will visit your store again.

Meet customers’ expectations by making sure that there will be no issues from the time they reached your online store to information and product description, check out and payment process, shipping, and delivery details, return and refunds process. With all these in place, your customers will surely love your brand and do referrals.

4. Customer Service

A quick and helpful response from you will make your customers stay. The same with their shopping experience, you should be responsive in attending to customer queries or whenever they need assistance with the check-out process. In addition, be attentive to any issues encountered while browsers are navigating your online store.

Customer service should not only be available during store hours but round the clock. Customers faced with confusing issues must get assistance from your responsive customer support promptly.

How you respond to a customer’s situation can be a deciding factor in whether that customer will come back. Always acknowledge a customer’s feedback, review, complaints or queries and any other issue.

5. Loyalty Program

It is a fact that people like to be rewarded, so take this opportunity in turning one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Point system, loyalty discount, loyalty freebies, and other forms of reward will help customer retention.

Listen to your customers’ feedback, suggestions, and review and act upon it to deliver the highest shopping experience your customers deserve.

Providing your clients smooth shopping experience, unparalleled customer service, and hard-to-beat deals will not only attract them to come back but encourage their friends to patronize your brand and share the experiences they have with your brand as well.