How to Turn on Your Motorcycle Like a Pro?

The Basics: How to Turn on Your Motorcycle?

You just got your first motorcycle. Congrats! Feeling that ignition rumble to life between your legs for the first time is an experience like no other. But before you let out the clutch and tear off into the sunset, it’s important to know the proper way to start your bike to avoid stalls or damage. Don’t worry, firing up your hog isn’t rocket science. In this article, we’ll walk through a simple, step-by-step process for how to turn on a motorcycle safely and confidently, from the pre-start checklist to starting procedure. You’ll learn insider tips from seasoned riders on how to start different types of motorcycles, from cruisers to sportbikes. We’ve also got troubleshooting advice to help you diagnose and fix common starter issues. So get ready to ditch four wheels for two – you’ll be kicking over your motorcycle like a pro in no time.

Mastering Turns: Tips for Safely Making Left and Right Turns

To fire up your bike like a pro, follow these steps: 

1. Make sure the kickstand is up and the bike is in neutral. The neutral light should be on. 

2. Turn the key to the “on” position. This will power up your instrument panel so you can check that the neutral light is on. It also allows fuel to flow into the engine. 

3. Pull in the clutch lever to disengage the engine from the transmission. The clutch is what allows the engine to spin separately from the wheels. 

4. Push the starter button to turn over the engine. On some bikes, you may need to push the starter button 2-3 times. Don’t hold it down for more than a few seconds at a time. 

5. Once the engine starts, give it a little throttle. This will keep it from stalling. Slowly release the clutch while gently applying throttle. This engages the engine to the transmission and gets you moving. 

6. Shift into first gear and you’re ready to ride! Take it slow until the engine warms up. Always exercise caution and safety. 

Following these steps will have you riding off into the sunset in no time. Remember, the key is clutch in, start the engine, clutch out slowly while throttling, and shift into gear. If at any point the engine stalls, don’t panic –  just start over. With regular practice, turning on your motorcycle will become second nature. Ride on!

Common Turning Mistakes to Avoid

Once you’ve mastered starting and stopping, it’s time to learn how to turn. Turning a motorcycle takes practice and the right technique. Here are some tips to help you nail those left and right turns:

–   Check your mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes or turning. Signal your intention to let other vehicles and pedestrians know which way you plan to go. 

–   Slow down and position yourself in the proper lane well before the turn.  For a left turn, move into the left lane or turn lane. For a right turn, move into the right lane. 

–   Press gently on the rear brake to stabilize the motorcycle. At the same time, clutch in and downshift to an appropriate lower gear to control your speed. 

–   Look through the turn to where you want the motorcycle to go. Press forward on the right handlebar to turn right or left handlebar to turn left.  Lean in the direction of the turn while keeping your upper body straight. 

–   As you complete the turn, straighten the handlebars and ease off the clutch while gently accelerating to smoothly exit the turn. Check for traffic and pedestrians before merging into the proper lane.

With regular practice, turning your motorcycle will become second nature. Stay focused, control your speed, look through the turn, lean in the right direction and you’ll be cruising through left and right turns like a pro in no time. Ride safe!


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.

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