How to Trust a Digital Marketing Agency in 2020?

A Digital Marketing Agency can create your Business online reputation and generate Leads. Digital Marketing Agencies perform various functions, such as Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google AdWords, etc. If you own a business, you must contact a Digital Marketing Agency, and they will help you in achieving good results. But, how would you know that the Digital Agency you are hiring is genuine, and not another scam in the market? Let’s find out.


Signs of a Genuine Digital Marketing Agency


1) Keyword Research:


It is the very first step in the process of Digital Marketing, which is used to gather information about your product and services. Keyword research is used to know how much the demand for your product and services has been searched on Google every month. Keyword Research is the process done based on your locality, City or Country. For Example, If you have a product-based company, then the Digital marketing Agency will do proper keyword research of your product and check whether the demand for your product is high or not. They will also build your Social media Reputation, which is known as Social Media Optimization. In Social Media, Various hashtags are used in a public post for different products and services. A digital marketing agency will also do complete research for the hashtags which people use and are trending and relevant to your business.


2) No-False Promises:

Various Digital Marketing agencies use Black-hat Techniques, which doesn’t come under google algorithms, and it is used to gather traffic using the wrong techniques. But not every Agency is the same, many of them use white-hat methods, which is used to bring the organic traffic from Google, and it comes under google algorithms. You can’t expect instant results on your website, and you should always trust a digital marketing agency that is genuine and does not use any wrong methods to bring the traffic.


3) Weekly/Monthly Reporting:

As mentioned above, they will build your social media reputation by creating your website pages; they will provide the links of the posts that they will post daily. Digital Marketing Agency will create images and videos related to your business, writing content, SEO, PPT creations, etc. and you can ask them for all the reports of their activity on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also conduct a weekly meeting, whether personally or by a video call, to convey your ideas and requirements to the Digital Marketing Team.


4) Certifications:

Before giving a contract to a digital marketing agency, make sure Google Analytics must certify their employees. Google Analytics is used to calculate the user’s interaction on your business website. For example, it calculates the new users that are visiting the website and the returning users who have visited the site before. It also calculates the users or visitors based on their age, gender, the country they live in, and which device they are using. We use Google Analytics to measure the conversion rate. In product-based companies, the Conversion rate can be calculated from the total impressions, in which how many of them purchased the product.


5) Genuine Charges (One Month Trial):

Some of the agencies offer one-month trial for your business. They will provide you with all the reports of their activity they did in the last month and the reports of insights of social media. By giving the trial contract, you will get to know whether the organization is suitable for your business, and it is working as per your expectations. And if it fulfills your requirements, you can also extend the contract for six months or more depending upon you.



So, these were some of the points from which you can trust a Digital Marketing Agency. The company that you should trust for your Digital Marketing should be Manush Digitech. This digital marketing company in Noida will help you to build an online reputation, and it will also generate leads for your business and will give you excellent results by competing with your competitor.