How to troubleshoot Avast VSE Windows Update failure

Avast is a well-known cybersecurity company that offers various security tools for home users as well as for the Enterprise. Avast antivirus offers you features according to your device. If you are using a PC then you will get all the features that are compatible with your OS. If you are using a SmartPhone then you will get exclusive features like stop avast popups. It is allows you access to all the advanced features of Avast antivirus on your device.

Avast antivirus may get you into the error where it denies the Windows Update. This error triggers the Prevent Windows Process Spoofing function and you will see an error on your screen. The error occurs when the VSE prevents Windows process spooning. This feature is disabled by default but if it can be enabled then it may create issues and stop genuine Windows updates which can harm your OS. So, this issue should be resolved before you get into other problems. The LSASS.EXE may get started from an unexpected location. This can enable the Prevent Windows Process Spoofing function and restricts the Windows update.

Steps to troubleshoot Avast VSE Windows Update Failure:

You can update your Windows after you disable the Prevent Windows Process Spoofing rule. After disabling this function; try to update your Windows files. If you still get the errors then you can also contact Avast support and get reliable help.

  • Go to the Start button
  • Click on Programs
  • Choose Avast and the go-to VirusScan Console
  • Right-click on the Access Protection feature
  • Choose Properties
  • Click on Antivirus Standard Protection
  • Go to Prevent Windows Process Spoofing option and uncheck the option. After disabling the Block option, click on Report and check the entries noted on the Access Protection Logs.
  • Hit the OK button

Now restart your device and click on Windows Update. Wait until the updates get completed. Now you will get a Restart popup. Click on the Restart button and wait until your device gets restarted automatically. This process may take some time. Once restarted, you can easily use your Windows device without any trouble.

You can also view all the entries in the Access Protection Logs:

  • Open your Windows device and click on the Start menu
  • Go to Programs
  • Click on Avast antivirus
  • Navigate to Virus Scan Console
  • Select Access Protection
  • Go to Task and choose View Log

Here you can easily check and verify all your entries. Determine all the changes in entries that occur after disabling Prevent Windows Process Spoofing. If your OS is still unable to update then you should ask Avast support for help. You may also get this error when your Windows files get corrupted. You can restore your Windows files by using the System File Checker tool. Use the steps mentioned below for using the System File Checker tool:

  • Open Windows computer and click on the Start button
  • Type command on the search bar
  • Click the Yes option on the permission button
  • Hit the Yes button
  • The command prompt will appear on the screen
  • Type sfc/scannow on the black box

The System File Checker tool will check your Windows files and restore all the corruptions. You will get a report of all the restored Windows files. Now restart your Windows PC and try to update your OS.