How to Travel the World With No Money: 5 Hacks Everyone Should Know

Do you have wanderlust? Traveling the world is a dream for many of us, but money often holds people back from booking trips. The good news is, it doesn’t have to.

There are many tips and tricks on how to travel the world with no money. Before you say no to another vacation, read this article for your guide to traveling on a budget.

1. Seek Free Housing

You may be thinking, “free housing sounds too good to be true.” However, there are many opportunities to sleep for free when traveling.

While couch-surfing may not be ideal for you, those who are backpacking or passing through often find local beds or couches to sleep on for free. There are also homestay options where travelers have a room to stay in free of charge.

Sites like Servas International create a safe platform for hosts and travelers to connect. With 150,000 households in over 100 countries, it’s likely that Servas can find you free housing during your trip.

2. Stay in Hostels

For backpackers and world travelers on a budget, hostels are a common sleeping arrangement.

Hostels offer cheap rooms split with like-minded explorers. You’ll likely share a dorm-style room with other travelers and pay a fraction of the price of a hotel room. With hostels, travelers pay for a bed rather than a full room, so costs are low.

If you’ll be out exploring all day rather than in your bedroom, hostels make for great places to stay on a budget.

3. Consider Housesitting

If you’re not looking to stay with strangers in their home, consider housesitting. When families leave town, they may list their homes on a housesitting website. Through these websites, you can often find free living arrangements in turn for keeping an eye on their home.

These housesitting opportunities may include watering the homeowner’s plants, cleaning up around the house, or feeding their animals. Many housesitting opportunities require no work and offer a safe, clean place to stay. Either way, be sure to find your housesitting arrangements through a well-researched site like Home Exchange.

4. Travel Cheap on Cruise Ships

For those looking for the traditional vacation experience, cruises can be a top choice. By following these simple cruise tips, you can have a high-quality vacation at a low price.

With all-inclusive amenities and exciting activities, your initial ticket price covers most everything. We recommend skipping the casino and expeditions and maximizing on all the free fun offered to you. With spa services, free drink opportunities, and countless onboard activities, it’s hard to get bored on a cruise.

5. Work Overseas

When traveling overseas for extended periods of time, many choose to find a job in return for a small salary, free food, and living arrangements.

One popular option for those traveling with no money is to become an au pair. Au pairs are common in Europe and serve as part-time nannies or housekeepers. Those who have become au pair often become close to the families they work for and get to experience life as a local.

Most au pairs work and live with the family for several months before moving on to their next destination.

Learn How to Travel the World With No Money Today

Now that you have five top tips on how to travel the world with no money, what are you waiting for? Find the adventure on a budget that you deserve today.

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