How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Autumn To Summer?

You get most confused with the styling of clothes when there is a transition of seasons. Some days would cheat you as they go against how you are clothed. One such seasonal transition is Autumn to Summer. While the cupboard is still all about winter and autumn weather, the outside temperature has started soaring. And it keeps you in a fix. Autumn season is enjoyed with layering, being cozy under multiple warm clothes. But just as the summer starts to approach, you need to change the ingredients of your closet. But there are ways to shed the clothes like the shift in the season. You will have to be wary about the days where there still could be a sudden dip in the mercury level. It’s like playing hide and seek with the weather but keeping one thing constant- Fashion should not take back seat. Here are some ways to mold the autumn wardrobe into a summer closet.

#1 Shed Off Layers

As you move from Autumn to Summer Days, the first thing should come to your mind is to reduce the layering. The layering of warm clothes like jackets, pull-overs, knitted sweaters, heavy woolen suits. Keep aside the sweatshirts for the days when it is still getting cold during the evenings. Or a thick pique cotton jacket.

#2 Introduce the Right Colors

We tend to wear more dark colors during Autumn days, black, brown, navy and more of like that. Summer is when you need to feel light and bright. Get Men’s T-shirts from Mufti, a fashion portal which will introduce to varieties of colors which is summer worthy. Go for colors like Yellows, lemon, oranges, Olive or shades of light blues. They also the aptest colors in Khaki wear. Such t-shirts are important to be housed for days like these. They are comfortable on your skin and easy to maintain.

#3 Cool your Wardrobe with Cool Jeans

Most of the men would wear similar denim jeans round the year. But why? When you so many options. During the summer days, look out for washed jeans in regular and skinny fittings. Enjoy the stylish trousers like cargo pants or track pants for the leisurely days. Get into losing jeans for the summer days. Team it up with floral printed Polo t-shirts for men from Mufti to make your day.

#4 Change in the Fabric

Most importantly, the fabric has to be changed during the days of Summers. Linen, Cotton, Blended Cotton are the best friends of summers. Linen is really great for Indian summers when it is at a peak with 45 degrees. It’s airy and the breathable characteristics of it make it even better. You can wear them as shirts or loose pyjamas which also soaks all your sweating to quickly dry it up. On the other hand, cotton men’s shirts are best for office days. Cotton shirts have also evolved from the checks and stripes to bold prints, geometric shapes in unique colors. Don them to enjoy the heat!

#5 Don’t leave Shoes Behind

How many men change their shoes during the summers? Almost, none! And why so? Because most are not aware or do not bother so much. When it comes to formal clothing shoes do play important roles. For summers, get into the classy leather shoes and ditch wearing suede shoes no matter how much you love them. Also, depart from the high-ankle leather shoes because in summers you need a breather from top to bottom. Who would like to have sweaty feet? Next comes the type of socks you choose for summers, wear only cotton and light colors which matches your attire.

#6 Summer Formal Readiness

Formal readiness is important in summers. Most of the times men are restricted with the choice of plain shirts and formal trousers. Well, it’s true not much can be added to it but you can always play along a bit. Look for fashionable men’s shirts on online portals which have subtle self-designs or patterns. Make a mix match on men’s chinos and formal shirts to break the stereotype. For everything, keep the colors in mind.

#7 Change the Accessories

Winter allows men to add layers of accessories like scarves or mufflers, woolen caps along with long coats but summers won’t give you many options. Though you can have some for yourself on the leisurely days like bright colored Caps matching your t-shirts, Printed Headbands or sweatbands for sporty looks. Add funky belts to up the game of casual multi-pocketed trousers or even denim.

Summer collections are available online so why to wait for the summers to do up the closet. Why not start today browsing the Mufti’s online collections!