How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone?

Have you just upgraded your old iPhone to a new iPhone, only to find that your precious data including contacts, music, video, photos, and others are still stuck on the old iPhone? Do not worry. It makes sense to transfer data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone. You can do it simply using iTunes, iCloud, or some third-party tool.

Method 1: Transfer Files from Old iPhone to New iPhone with dr. fone. Dr fone copy is a powerful tool that allows you to transfer files between different devices and operating systems. So, if you want to transfer files from old iPhone to new iPhone, dr.fone – Copy is a good option so that you can achieve it in 3 steps.

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  • Step 1. Launch dr.fone – Copy and choose the “Copy” option:

Install Wondershare dr.fone – Copy to your computer. Connect your old iPhone and new iPhone with the computer via 2 USB cables. In the main window you can see the “Copy” function. Click on it and you will see the following window.

  • Step 2. Select the contents to transfer:

Besides transferring old iPhone to new iPhone, this software also allows you to transfer content from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S, from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, from iPhone 5 to iPhone 4 and much more. As long as your two iPhones are compatible, you can use this software to transfer photos, music, video, calendar, messages, and contacts from one iPhone (iOS 10 supported) to another.

  • Step 3. Start Data Transfer from old iPhone to new iPhone:

Just start the data transfer by clicking “Start”. In the pop-up dialog you can check the progress of the transfer. It takes a few minutes. When it is finished, the data stored on your old iPhone will be transferred to your new iPhone.

Method 2: Move data from old iPhone to new iPhone with iTunes

  • Step 1: Install the latest iTunes on the computer. Run it.
  • Step 2: Use an Apple USB cable to connect your old iPhone to the computer. iTunes will detect it and display it under DEVICES .
  • Step 3: Click on the name of your old iPhone to display your control panel on the right. Click Backup Now to backup the data on your old iPhone.
  • Step 4: When the backup process is finished, you need to disconnect the old iPhone. Then connect the new iPhone.
  • Step 5: In the control panel of your new iPhone, click Restore Backup … . Choose your old iPhone backup file and restore it to your new iPhone.