How to Track the Online Activity of Employees

As more people begin to work from the comforts of home, there is a demand for monitoring software so that companies can track employee activity. These tools are designed to assist in managing employees and tracking their computer usage. The main reason is to ensure that remote workers use time during the day effectively and do not engage in personal online activities.

Why Employees May Need Monitoring

With so many employers offering remote positions, there is a growing need for monitoring employee activities online. Employers can use these monitoring tools for many reasons. The main benefit is being able to track productivity of team members. Low productivity can harm a business, so with a tracker, managers can ensure people are performing work-related tasks. 

These tools can also show employers how their team members are spending their time. They can provide details on how long websites are accessed, when employees access apps, or even when they are away from the computer. To ensure productivity and success, it has become necessary for managers to monitor remote employees using trusted tools and apps.

Advantages of Using Apps to Monitor Employees

It is challenging to monitor employees working from home, which is why many companies are starting to use tracking apps and software. With these, employers will have knowledge of what each employee is doing during the day and can monitor overall productivity. Monitoring software collects data that may be used to evaluate performance. Here are some of the main advantages of using these apps for online activity tracking:

  • Increased productivity thanks to monitoring software
  • Track attendance
  • Manage projects more effectively
  • Identify any problems or struggles experienced by employees

Tracking tools can be used to help managers and small business owners ensure that employees are being productive during work hours. Such software helps track online activity and ensures detailed reports. Check out the top apps that can provide effective monitoring on a computer or mobile device.

Spyera: Mobile and Computer Monitoring

Spyera is an excellent tool for those who need to monitor employee activity. It will work well on computers and mobile devices, providing an easy way to remotely track subordinates working from home. Once installed, it collects all data and allows employers to view online activity, calls, emails, website access, and more.

This is one of the best phone tracker app options, as it is compatible with Android and iOS. It allows users to see all web browsing history, apps accessed, SMS messages, and more. It is a beneficial productivity tracker to ensure that remote workers are performing job tasks instead of personal online browsing.


  • Know what websites and apps are being used
  • Monitor cell phone and PC usage
  • Control installed apps
  • Call listening/recording
  • Access browsing activity

InterGuard – Monitor Employees Working Remotely

InterGuard is a great option if you need to monitor remote employees and track productivity. Once active, this software will capture the required data and deliver it to your dashboard. It can provide a complete history of web browsing, how much time is spent on pages, and what links are clicked. InterGuard is also capable of detecting when an employee is using social media platforms for any personal reason.

Employers can rely on screenshots to see employee activity in real-time. The screengrabs focus on certain areas of the screen so one can see any applications being used. With the help of a remote work tracker, employers can make sure that their subordinates work from home are productive and that time spent online is for work purposes only. Here are some capabilities offered by InterGuard:

  • Compliance audits
  • Website blocking and site filtering
  • Insider threat detection
  • Employee activity monitoring

ActivTrak – Free Workforce Monitoring

With ActivTrak, employees may be monitored via a useful analytics tool focusing on productivity. Once the app has been downloaded, it will take about two minutes to be installed. All monitoring will be done in real time so that you are able to track employees right away. With ActivTrak, you will see all productive and unproductive time spent on specific apps or visited websites.

Navigating the Dashboard – ActivTrak Help Center

While this app does not use a keylogger, it does track mouse and keyboard movement. It shows employers when employees are active or idle, which is a great benefit when there is a need to track remote workers. 

There is a freeware version as well as a monthly paid subscription. When using ActivTrak, the following features are available:

  • Dashboards
  • Team Summaries
  • Employee productivity reports
  • Workload management
  • Website usage monitoring
  • Screenshots of activity
  • Website blocking
  • Real-time user activity updates

Teramind – Top Employee Monitoring Software

Many companies allow their employees to engage in working from home nowadays. While this can save costs, it also causes concerns regarding productivity. As a way out, it is possible to use Teramind to monitor remote employees easily.

How to Set Up Teramind For Remote Work

If you need to keep an eye on employee activity online, Teramind will supervise it in real time since it captures screen recordings regularly. The data will be archived so it can be viewed at a later date. Teramind also includes a keystroke logger that will record all keyboard activity. 

Any company manager can use this monitoring software to block access to certain sites and filter content on corporate equipment. This can help increase productivity by restricting access to social media platforms or gaming apps. For those who need monitoring to know if remote employees are working, Teramind will track all hours and activity. You will also know when they are logged in and how many hours are spent productively working each day.

Top Features:

  • All platforms supported
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Training videos
  • Time tracking and productivity analysis
  • Session recording and screen snapshots

BambooHR – Automated HR Software for Employers

Employee monitoring is crucial with so many people working remotely. Employers can use BambooHR to check out employee activity and ensure that team members are being productive during work hours. This software provides the ability to view employee goals, offer feedback, and hold performance reviews. It can also be accessed by the employee to see if they are meeting goals.

Employee Time Tracking Software | BambooHR

Unlike other options, BambooHR does not track user activity online. Instead, it keeps an eye on performance by setting specific goals. This software has been designed to help small businesses enhance HR and consolidate all employee data. BambooHR not only makes the management of small companies easier but can benefit employees. They will have access to all goals and can get feedback from managers using the dashboard.


  • Performance management administration
  • Applications management
  • Goal setting/tracking
  • Goal management
  • Employee portal

Be Aware of Remote Monitoring Software Drawbacks

While these monitoring software options have excellent benefits, there are also some drawbacks. Before implementing these, be sure to understand some of the negative aspects of using an app or software to supervise what employees are doing during the day. Subordinates may not feel comfortable with tracking tools in place, and this can affect overall performance.

  • Privacy concerns – some may feel their privacy is being violated
  • Reduces employee trust – a lack of trust can reduce morale as well as productivity
  • Employees may feel enhanced pressure – increased pressure may lead to mistakes and poor performance

Final Words

Now that you know how to track employees, you are free to make use of one of the trusted tools and start monitoring today! With collected data, employees may be effectively managed, even when working at home. These software solutions provide a wealth of information that can ensure business goals are being met.


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