How to Torrent Safely Without Worries – 5 Tips for Safe Torrenting

If you are looking for ways to download movies, games, shows and other application files, etc you might have heard the term torrent. It is a p2p based system that works without any central server and provides very high download speeds. But torrent is not exactly the safest way to download content if approached carelessly.

This quick guide will give you a little overview of how torrent works and what you can do to download content using torrent without risking your online security.

What is a Torrent?

Torrent is a way to download content from a network of computers instead of traditional servers. With no central server needed, torrent gives you very high downloading speeds and a great variety of content.

The computers that form networks to download and share content are called peers. Torrent is often referred to as the best p2p system for file sharing since it is faster, more reliable, and widely used all over the world.

Is Torrenting Dangerous?

There is s huge misconception that torrents are illegal and you should never download using these. This is not the case. Torrent itself is not illegal. It becomes illegal when you try to download or upload some copyrighted material using torrent.
Apart from copyright issues, torrent is also prone to virus, malware, and hacking threats which puts your device and online security at a risk. But that doesn’t have to stop you from using torrent.

In the following section, we will discuss with you some of our tested tips and tricks to download using torrent most safely.

1. VPN is essential
It is a tool that works to hide your online identity by redirecting you to a remote host server which becomes your primary source of accessing the web.
You can install any free VPN tool like express VPN, Nord VON, etc, and then torrent the content of your choice. This will ensure that your online identity stays hidden and no third parties or even your ISPs can monitor your online presence.

2. Choosing Torrent Client

This is very important since the files you download from torrent sites are handled by these client software. You should pick a torrent client that has a small size, the best UI, and is less complicated to use.
If you are extremely security conscious, we suggest you go for paid torrent clients since they offer the best services and are safest. Some of the best torrent clients include BitTorrent, Utorrent, and Vuze, etc.

3. Consider installing an Antivirus
VPN can save you from hacking and third-party data leakage risks but that is not all you should look out for. Torrent sites are notorious for containing malware and viruses that are harmful to your devices and the best way to cope with this is by installing an antivirus on your device.

Norton, Bullguard, Panda, etc are among the top antiviruses these days. So, install these and secure your device while Torrenting.

4. Select Torrents Carefully
When on a torrent website like Moviesda HD, look for clues that indicate the torrent you about to download is safe. The most common one is noting the number of seeders. If it is high you are good to go.

Also, see the file size. If the title mentions the file to be of high quality but the file size is significantly low, don’t go for such file.

5. Select Top-Rated Torrent Sites
For the safest Torrenting experience choose a site that is well known and stands among the best. Friendly UI like in the platform Fitgirl Repack games, The Piratebay, etc is also important since it directly affects your torrent quality.

Picking any random platform for downloading torrents is risky should never be an option if you want a safe torrent experience. 

Final words
We sincerely hope this article helps you in downloading from torrent in the safest way possible. We guarantee you that if you follow along with these guidelines, you will not face any trouble while torrenting. These methods have been tested and tried many times and they really do work.
So, to have a risk-free torrenting experience use these techniques and have unlimited fun downloading the content of your choice.


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