How To Test A Camshaft Sensor

The camshaft sensor, also known as the crank position sensor, is a vital part of your engine’s computer. It provides the ECM with a data signal that helps synchronize fuel injection and ignition timing. When a camshaft position sensor starts failing, it can cause rough idling, stalling or a drop in power. It can also affect fuel mileage and acceleration.

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SuncentAuto offers a wide selection of camshaft sensor options. These are designed to meet OE quality standards and provide the best overall performance for your vehicle. They are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and feature a number of innovative features that make them a standout amongst their peers. They include a high-quality magnet that is engineered to be strong enough to withstand harsh conditions like heat, cold, and vibrations while performing their job properly. The company also uses a polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin coating to protect the sensor from the elements while maintaining its high-tech features. The best part is that they are extremely affordable.

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The camshaft sensor, also known as the cylinder position sensor or CPS, measures engine rotational speed and helps the car’s onboard computer know how to properly execute ignition sequences. It’s a Hall effect sensor that detects the strength of a magnetic field and changes its voltage to signal the position of a ring gear on the camshaft. The resulting data is used to determine how far away from top dead center (TDC) a cylinder should be at any given time for optimal performance. If the camshaft sensor fails, it may result in misfires, poor fuel mileage or a ‘limp-in’ mode that prevents the engine from operating normally.

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Camshaft sensors are located on the engine and provide information about where the crankshaft is at. This information helps the computer in your vehicle know when to turn the ignition on and off, which allows the engine to operate properly. When a camshaft sensor fails, you may see a check engine light come on, or your car could feel hard to start or have trouble maintaining power.

Like many other automotive parts, replacing a camshaft sensor isn’t an expensive repair for most vehicles, but it can be a bit more costly for luxury models or high-priced specialty cars. SuncentAuto offers a wide selection of replacement camshaft sensors, so you can find the right one for your vehicle and budget. You can also find helpful tools and guides for this important auto part. You can even shop by year, make, model and engine size to find what you need. Plus, you can get free next-day shipping on eligible items!

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A camshaft sensor helps your vehicle’s engine control system identify the position of the crankshaft. When it’s not working correctly, your engine may not start, misfire or lose power. You can check for this sensor’s condition with a multimeter. First, find the voltage on the signal side of your sensor’s connector.