How to Tell if You Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Most people think that children do everything in their power to stay away from the dentist, but in reality, it’s the adults that aren’t making their yearly appointment. Only 64.9% of adults over 18 have visited the dentist in the last year.

This is a serious problem because many dental issues aren’t noticed until they cause considerable pain. Impacted wisdom teeth, for example, can cause serious problems if left undetected, and many people aren’t aware of what symptoms to look out for.

If you’re one of those people that would rather “wait and see” when it comes to going to the dentist, here are the signs of impacted wisdom teeth to look out for.

Pain in The Back of Your Mouth

An impacted wisdom tooth means that your wisdom teeth can’t escape the gums and enter into your mouth. Often, the problem is that they’re growing into a barrier, and unfortunately, that barrier is often your teeth.

When the teeth begin to grow against your other molars, you’ll experience progressively worse pain towards the back of your mouth. If you don’t get this checked out immediately, it could lead to your other teeth shifting and cause severe damage to your jaw, chipping, and possibly the loss of some teeth.

Sore and Swollen Gums

Because the pressure that impacted wisdom teeth can put on your other molars and gums, you’ll notice swelling and sore gums. At first, you might manage the pain with Tylenol, but eventually, this will impact your ability to eat food normally. It’s not only your gums that will feel swollen and painful, but your jaw will hurt as well.

There’s only so much you can do to manage the pain, and at some point, you’ll end up going to the dentist anyway. You might as well book an appointment at a business like All Smiles Dental Practice. The sooner you go through an impacted wisdom teeth removal procedure, the quicker you can get rid of the pain and go back to eating normally.

Bad Breath and a Strange Taste When Eating

Out of all the impacted wisdom teeth symptoms you’ll experience, this one might be the one that should concern you the most. If you don’t visit a dentist soon enough, you could end up with a nasty infection in your jaw and gums.

This infection will require antibiotics and oral surgery to fix, which will cost you a lot of money and pain.

The infection could cause bad breath and a strange taste when you’re eating. You could also have a metallic taste in your mouth if the impacted wisdom teeth cause your gums to bleed when you put pressure on them.

Take Care of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Immediately

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to get to the dentist immediately. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain, impact your sleep, make it hard to eat, and can lead to a dangerous infection. That infection, in rare cases, can even spread to the heart, where it can become life-threatening.

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