How to tell if the front or rear brakes are bad

Brakes play a vital role in the vehicle. It safely stops the vehicle and saves from many major and minor accidents. But when a brake is damaged, it becomes more dangerous rather than safety. That’s why spotting brake problems and knowing symptoms are very important.


Sometimes it happened that you know there is a problem with a brake but you can’t find wheatear it’s in rear brakes or front ones. Many people find this issue very painful.


Well, there are some symptoms and indications that may help you to spot the problem. Read this article to know these tricks. 


Bad front brakes


The front part means the problems in the front two wheels of your vehicle. Usually, there are disk brakes in the front two wheels. Bad front brakes are more dangerous than back ones. There are several symptoms to get the frontal brake’s fault. 


  • Grinding sounds coming from font corners of vehicle


It is a clear indication of front disk’s faults. It can possibly happen because of loose parts or worn brake shoes. If it happens then quickly go to the repair shop and change axle brakes to fix it.


  • Squeezing sound from the frontal corner


If this happens, then you should check your car’s brakes. It might occur because of lubrication lack on the disk caliper. Though it is a minor problem, but can lead to caliper damage. 


Squeezing sound can also be heard if mud gets into rubber pads. But the sound will vanish within a day.


  • Losing control of the vehicle while braking


Losing control while applying brake could really mean a very dangerous condition of the brake. It means your vehicle’s frontal two brakes are not working simultaneously. One is loosed and not working properly.


Try to notice which side your car tends to turn. The opposite side’s brakes might have a problem. Immediately go to the repair shop and fix it. Or else it could lead to a dangerous accident.


Bad rear brakes

In most cases, rear brakes are drum brakes. Some symptoms can be found on bad rear brakes.


  • The backside of the vehicle tends to drift on hard braking


If your car’s rear segment tries to have a drift while hard braking, then there might be a problem in rear brakes. They are not working well. Go to the repair shop for the solution.


  • Metallic sounds coming from rear corner


If this is the situation, then there might be worn brake pads in your car or have a lubrication problem on the brake. Brake pads are very easy and cheap to replace. So don’t ruin the braking mechanism by ignoring this symptom.


  • sOil leaking under rear wheels


Though it is very hard to notice, but not impossible. If you found this, then there might be a brake oil leakage in your vehicle. Brake oil are important for braking system of modern vehicles.Without brake oil, brakes will not properly.


These are some major indications you can find in your vehicle. Never ignore them.




Brakes are the most important part of your car. While you drive a car, you have to submit your’s and your dear one’s precious life to the braking system of the vehicle. So, never ignore any such symptoms of the bad or damaged brake. It could destroy your future in a blink of an eye.

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