How To Teach Yoga Online

Are you someone who is planning to start their online yoga classes? But still haven’t found any suitable hosting platform yet. So, don’t worry because in this blog you will find everything that you need to start your online yoga classes.

Before the lockdown, we never thought that we can teach literally everything online and no doubt Yoga also falls on that list.

Your online yoga school will also work the same as your offline yoga school but the only difference is that now you will have to record your videos, conduct webinars, and take live classes.  

Ways to Set Up Your Online Yoga Classes –

1-Define Your Target Audience

The first step is to create your customer avatar. Conduct surveys, to find out who are your potential customers, what are their pain points and what are the results they expect from you if they join your Yoga Classes.

You can choose if you want to start your classes only for men or women or kids or for all of them.

2-Choose an LMS

This can be one of the toughest decisions for you to take because various course creating platforms are there but if you are serious then don’t look here n there, just go for Spayee because

·  They will help you in building your own website and they can even create an android or iOS App for you if you want.

·  They also provide the feature of LIVE classes.

The best thing is that their platform is 100% safe and that too at an affordable price.

3- Know Your Competitors

After the lockdown, most of the trainers have opted for online platforms.

So, it is extremely important for you to do all the necessary research work. Try to find out –

·  Why do their customers like them?

·  What is their USP?

·  What type of content do they post on their social media platforms?

·  What are the services you can provide that they haven’t provided yet?

4- Don’t Forget to Mark Your Online Presence

Create dedicated accounts for your online yoga classes on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Research about the type of content that works on all those platforms. Post engaging and valuable content daily. Go live on these platforms and try to engage with your audience frequently. You can post some videos of some Aasanas like suryanamaskar, tadasana on YouTube as well. It can help you to expand your reach.

5- Build Your Strong Personal Brand

Personal branding is as important as starting your online classes because it helps in building stronger relationships with your potential leads. People would want to join your classes if you tell them about your story behind becoming a Yoga instructor. You need to tell them what you have been through to be where you are today and how you can help them in achieving the desired results.

6- Plan an Amazing Marketing Strategy

Know where your potential customers hang out and plan your marketing strategy according to that. Run paid ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook. You can also go for google ads if you have a higher budget. If you have any older clients then you can ask them to share their success stories on their social media platforms and mention your name in their posts and stories.

7-Start Writing Blogs

You should start writing blogs because it will help you in bringing organic traffic to your website. You can also write articles on Diet and Nutrition but, make sure you use the relevant keywords. You can go for Spayee because they provide a separate section for blogs to their clients.

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