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The world has become digital. From hospitals to schools, everything is now online. Schools and colleges are a click away and online classes are the new normal. The shift to online education has been well accepted and more and more teachers have shifted to online teaching. It goes without saying that online classes are different from the normal traditional classes. However, with brilliant online teaching tools in the market, real-time interaction, and video conferencing, online classes have become more effective and efficient.

Not all the teachers have the breadth and depth of knowledge about online teaching and online classes. This article will cover major aspects like how to teach online, how to find students to teach online, and how teachers can collect fees from students.

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Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the topic:

How to Teach Online?- Five Important Tips

1.Ensure a Decent Internet Connection

When you are setting forth to teach online, this is one of the basic steps that you need to take care of. Online classes cannot work without the internet and a decent net connection is a fundamental need or a necessity. Having an uninterrupted network connection is of paramount importance when you are an online teacher. As an online teacher, you need to be in constant touch with your students, you don’t want the screen to be stuck when you are taking an important lesson and a good internet connection is essential.

  1. Choose a Good Online Teaching App

Next to having a good internet connection, the most important thing is to choose an easy to use and secure platform for taking your classes. More often than not, teachers struggle with disconnected and hard to use platforms. When there are multiple platforms that the teacher has to juggle, they might lose focus and not to mention the increase in stress. 

A one-stop teaching app that helps with everything from live classes, live class recording, online whiteboard, fee- management and likewise would be ideal for teachers. Teachmint is one such unique, all-in-one online teaching app. It is one of the qualities of a good teacher to be proactive.

  1. Research 

Online classes are relatively new for both students and teachers alike. Before you start teaching online it is important to conduct sound research involving your students and parents. It is of paramount importance to understand your audience. Research and get a proper understanding of your target audience. The research will help you understand the best time to schedule your classes. It will also give an idea regarding the expectations of students and parents. You should keep in mind that researching and understanding is quite essentially, a continuous process. You will learn a lot of things on the go and it is important to make changes and alter your methods based on your learning and development.

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  1. Plan and Organize

When you teach online, there are things that you need to anticipate. Regardless of what subject you teach, you should be well prepared and organized in advance. It should be the crux of your concern to schedule your classes and to organize all the data and materials. Taking from our previous point, your research will help you come up with effective schedules and a good teaching platform will be able to equip you with all that you need. Schedule your batches, create an effective timetable, engage with students through activities and assessments and you are good to go. You can do all this with ease using Teachmint.

  1. Communicate and Engage

It is of the utmost importance to communicate with your students. Teachers often think that it is difficult to engage with students online. However, with the right approach, the engagement can be higher than in a traditional classroom. The feedback has to be prompt and timely and you have to incorporate assignments and assessments on a regular basis. Make sure not to overburden your students with work. 

One of the most common questions from independent tutors and teachers who are not part of any institution is, how to find students for online classes. 

  • A lot of steps that we discussed above are applicable here as well, for instance, research is essential to get students.
  • Use social media to spread the word
  • Advertise- getting the word out about your classes is extremely important. You can use business cards and pamphlets for the same. 
  • Your teaching is what attracts new students and parents and hence, word of mouth plays a huge role in getting students for online classes
  • Make it a point to update your ads regularly
  • As mentioned before, choose a  good online teaching platform that will help you conduct the classes smoothly.

Another question that teachers have is how to collect fees from students online. There are a lot of online payment apps, but managing the fees from different students and keeping a tab on all of them can be difficult. With Teachmint, teachers can set a date for fee collection on the app. Students will be reminded about the fees on the selected date. Teachers can view details about payments received and thus, keeping track becomes easier than ever!

Online teaching can be made fun and effective with the right tools and strategies. Teachers are resourceful and they make the best out of the things that they have and play a huge role in shaping future generations. It seems like online education is going to be a reality for a long time. Teachers should upskill themselves and be ready to conduct online classes effectively and effortlessly.