How to teach a dog command “down”?

The sooner training begins, the better, since it is much easier to teach a puppy to “work” than an adult dog can. It is worth moving on to the study of this command after the puppy has mastered the “sit” command well. It is worth working with a puppy not only at home, but also on the street. Then your pet will obey you in any conditions.

Down command training

For dog training you will need: a treat, a leash, a collar. All of these can be purchased at the pet store. After the puppy has sat down, bring the treat to his nose and at the moment when he reaches for it, say the command “down”. Put your hand down and forward, the puppy will show more interest in the treat if he is hungry at the time of training. If the puppy obeyed, reward him with a treat and praise him with stroking, while the phrase: “good, down.”

If the dog starts to get up without your command, from the action with the treat and again induce the puppy to lie down. Reward your puppy only after re-styling. While stroking the puppy on the withers and along the back to the tail, lightly press him to the floor or ground, holding the position in position for a while. At the same time, give a treat with the other hand and repeat the “down” command.

If your dog doesn’t want to do this command at all, try proactively. As soon as you see that your pet is about to lie down, tell him to lie down. Then reward your dog with treats and strokes. This technique is called “catching” or “behavior selection”. The dog’s reward comes at that moment. Try not to repeat the word “down” too often. Give just one command and get it done each time. Otherwise, your dog will listen only from the second or third time.

You may need to repeat this exercise more than once before the puppy lies down on command, but be consistent and do not stop training until you have fully mastered the skill. Practice often and in different places – once your dog is happily lying down on command in your home, start to practice in more distracting environments like the garden or your local park.

Add the Release

When your dog can successfully lie down on command, it’s time to introduce your release word. This is what you’ll say when you give permission for your dog to get up. Many people use the word “OK” for the release cue, but you can use any word you want.

Start with small increments of time, making your dog lie down for no more than 30 seconds before releasing him. To instill this, you can use the “stay” command and then your release command when you’re ready to let the dog go. Work your way up to longer periods of time so your dog will stay down until you say “OK,” no matter how long it is.

Good luck!