How to take skin care naturally

How to take care of your skin naturally

No need to traumatize your budget to take care of your skin! With just a few ingredients – most of them already in our cupboards – it is possible to make beauty products that are natural and just as effective as those bought in the store. Quickly discover our special homemade face care recipes!

Homemade beauty recipes with natural ingredients

There is nothing complicated about making your face care products, you just need to have the right ingredients. Essential oils, floral waters, clays, vegetable oils … To help you make your choice, do not hesitate to consult our guide to the essentials for making your beauty products. The advantage of natural skin care products cosmetics is that we can adapt them to our skin type, by playing on the properties of plants. Besides, this makes it possible to control the composition of the care that we apply to our skin and thus avoid components harmful to our health such as paraben or sulfates. Have we convinced you? So quickly discover our do-it-yourself recipes to take care of your skin!

To take care of your skin and have a radiant complexion all year round, certain actions are essential. Whatever the nature of your skin, here are the 10 essential reflexes! first of all, make sure to choose products adapted to your skin type. Special attention to fragile areas Some parts of your face (around the eyes, lips, etc.) have particularly thin and fragile skin. They require specific care, in particular for the eye area or the lips .

To maintain beautiful

, healthy skin, it is essential to take care of it daily, whether you are a man or a woman. To do this, a few simple steps should be taken in your beauty routine:

Clean gently: to remove impurities from his face like dead skin or pollution, remember to clean your visage morning and evening. Choose soft, alcohol-free products that do not attack the skin. Indeed, it would risk producing excess sebum to protect itself, which would lead to clogging of the pores and the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

Moisturize your face

Hydration is the key to supple and firm skin. In the morning, apply a cream adapted to your skin type to a cleansed face (oily or mature skin will not have the same needs as sensitive skin). In the evening, opt for a richer treatment to nourish your skin during the night.

Remove makeup every night: we sometimes tend to skip this step, especially when we come home late from the evening. However, it is essential to remove all traces of makeup from your face each evening to allow your skin to breathe. Otherwise, it risks ageing prematurely and presenting many imperfections such as comedowns, wrinkles, irritations…

Make regular scrubs and masks: to thoroughly cleanse your skin and prevent sebum build-up, do not hesitate to scrub once or twice a week. Do not rub too hard so as not to irritate your skin (the product will still be effective). You can complete this ritual by taking a break from a mask, the active ingredients penetrating better on exfoliated skin. Moisturizing, purifying, soothing mask … There is one for all needs. The must? Make all these products yourself!

Gentle cleaning

The care of your sensitive skin begins with removing make-up. So as not to attack your skin and respect its balance, be sure to use a physiological makeup remover, specially formulated to take care of your skin gently.

Beware of external aggressions

About these daily aggressions by protecting your skin by the treatment before going out, and by cleaning it perfectly in the evening when coming home.

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