How to Take Care of Your Wool Mattress Topper?

Most people spend one-third of their day in bed, resting and rejuvenating their bodies. But you may fail to get the benefits of proper sleep and relaxation if you try to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress. It is why experts recommend investing in a quality wool mattress topper. Mattress toppers made of wool are toxin-free and help your body breathe while you’re asleep. You should get one if your mattress is rigged or doesn’t support your body properly.

Wool mattress toppers are also hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about getting one if you are allergic to something. While mattress toppers made of wool are highly beneficial, maintaining them can be challenging for some. If you have recently invested in a wool topper or are planning to get one, this guide will help you take care of your wool mattress topper. If ready to take care of the mattress topper, quickly explore the tried-and-tested methods shared below.

1. Unmake Your Bed Everyday

You must have heard about making your bed regularly after waking up, but we have a different suggestion for you. If you have a mattress topper made of wool, start unmaking your bed daily for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Since natural mattress toppers absorb body moisture to make you feel comfortable during sleep, you have to ensure they release that moisture the next day.

If you let the mattress topper accumulate all the moisture over a period, it may stop absorbing more after a particular time. The wool inside the topper can also get affected and start to rot. If you don’t want this to happen, remove blankets, mattress toppers, or any other bedding item you use and place it down in the open air. Let it release the moisture it collected the previous night, and you are good to go. It will also increase the expected longevity of your mattress topper.

2. Flip it Up and Down Once a Month

People who follow the previous suggestion of making and unmaking their bed regularly should consider flipping their mattress toppers at least once a month. This step ensures any remaining moisture left in the topper gets released. Flipping the mattress toppers also ensures there is no mildew or mold growth on the topper.

Bedding materials like mattress toppers are manually compressed during the manufacturing process, and you can also get extra compression during the initial months of using a new mattress topper.

But with prolonged usage, the compression can get affected. To regain the lost compression, you can flip the mattress topper and rotate the bedding for visible results. You can follow this once a month or at least once every two months. It will help keep your wool mattress topper as good as new.

3. Give Your Mattress Topper Some Natural Exposure

One of the easiest yet best and most effective ways to keep your natural mattress topper in good shape and condition is by laying it in an area with plenty of natural airflow and sun. It helps naturally deodorize, bleach, and disinfect your mattress topper, making it retain its good properties. While you may place your mattress only once under the sun or open air, the same cannot be done for mattress toppers, as they require frequent attention.

If your work keeps you incredibly busy, try to do it seasonally. You must place your mattress toppers under the sun or air every month. If your location doesn’t receive enough sunlight or the airflow always remains on the lower side, get yourself a dehumidifier.

If you want to exercise extra caution, vacuum the mattress frequently. Additionally, you can pull all your bedding to one side so air can naturally enter your mattress’s depths, removing any accumulated moisture. You can also use a good quality space heater if sunny days are not common in your location.

4. Blot Liquid Stains (If Any)

No matter how careful and vigilant you are, there can be instances where you accidentally drop a liquid, say coffee or ink, on your mattress topper. These liquid spills can emerge as strong stains which deserve immediate attention. You cannot remove any stain, light or intense, by just placing it in the open. To help you get rid of any stains, we suggest blotting the stain with the help of a towel or any piece of cloth. You should try to gently press a dampened sponge or wet cloth against the stain, but avoid rubbing it to prevent spreading it further.

Another tip is always to use cold water on stains, as hot water spreads the stain, making it worse. After pressing the stain with a dampened sponge, apply a mix of baking soda and salt over the stain and let it dry. Gently remove the mixture after some time and place the mattress topper in the open air to remove any unpleasant smell. This step will help you preserve your mattress topper without any visible stains for long years.

5. Keeping Your Wool Mattress Topper is Easy

If you have a wool mattress topper, you may find it challenging to keep it neat and in good condition. And if the topper is made using wool, you must exercise extra caution. But it can be very easily reversed if you follow some practical methods to keep your mattress topper as good as new. To help you with the process, we have listed above some of the effective, most practical ways to keep your mattress topper in good condition. You can follow one or all for the best results.