How to Take Care of Your Kitchen Silverware

Silver is one of the most commonly used metals for cutlery in homes. Silver cutlery has been used across centuries, and they are loved for the several benefits they come with. For one, the metal has a connection with antibacterial properties. This means that as your family uses silverware to eat food, fungi and bacteria are killed, making the food healthy for consumption. Silver is also non-toxic and durable. Compared to other metals, silver cutlery can promise you more extended service. It is easy to clean and does not require sterilization as it possesses antibacterial properties.

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To keep enjoying the beauty of silverware across time, you should know how to maintain them. This is critical to maintaining their shine. Here are some maintenance tips that will guide you in taking care of your silverware.

  1. Wash silverware as soon as possible

If you want your silverware to maintain its lustre for a long time, then you need to stop soaking them in the sink for hours or even days. This is a kind of metal that you want to clean and store immediately after use. This is mainly because most of the foods we take at home contain acids. For instance, fruit juices, vinegar, salad dressing, salt, fruits, and so on.

If the silverware stays in contact with these foods for a long time, it could lead to corrosion and damage to the cutlery. It is therefore advisable that you wash them shortly after using them.

  1. Hand wash your silverware

Silverware can be considered fancy cutlery. When it comes to washing utensils in the dishwasher, the rule of the thumb is that anything fancy should never be put in the dishwasher. This kitchenware class is usually delicate and is likely to get discolored, tarnished, or dulled by constant machine-washing.

It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to dishwashing. Most manufacturers recommend handwashing for silverware.

  1. Avoid over polishing silverware

Over polishing your silverware will remove the delicate detail and weigh down its lustre. The good thing is that silverware does not require constant polishing for it to look pristine. Polishing once in a while will be enough.

Constant and timely cleaning with a soft cloth or brush with soft bristles is enough to keep the silverware looking as good as new. Warm soapy water more so does all the polishing will need. This will save you time and will prevent the removal of the silver coating over time.

  1. Store your silverware appropriately

Incorrectly storing your silverware could lead to corrosion and a myriad of other issues. Cool and dry storage is recommended to avoid the possibility of corrosion. It is for this reason that silverware is often wrapped in tissues or cotton towels. It is also important to note that the type of towel you choose matters. Avoid ones with dyes as they may contain acids that can cause corrosion. Please do not mix the silverware up so much as it can get scratches and become unsightly. Banging silverware can also cause scratches as silver is soft; you should therefore be gentle.

It would be best if you also refrained from storing silver in cabinets that have rubber seals. This is because rubber contains sulfur, which can react with silver to form silver sulfite, which manifests in black tarnishing silverware.

You can get a chest dedicated to store the silver and keep it in a cool and non-humid space (this means that you should avoid the attic at all costs).

  1. Polish correctly

Polishing silverware from time to time is necessary. However, you should ensure that you are doing it the right way. While you will find many polishing creams at the store, always go for quality if you want your silver to maintain their appearance for a long time. The polish should also be thoroughly rinsed off. Only adequate amounts of polish should be used in the process. It is worth noting that some metal is removed every time you use polish.

Silverware is expensive and delicate. If you fail to take care of your silverware, you will be forced to replace them time and again. The tips above will go a long way in helping you care for and maintain Scopelliti 1887 silverware. With proper washing, polishing, and storage, flatware can last a lifetime and can be passed down several generations.