How to take care of your beautiful long mermaid hair – expert’s tips

The long mermaid hair is one of the strongest trends among the women. It is a mistake to think that it is impossible to maintain a long, beautiful, shinny, and damage free long hair. In fact, with some care, patience and dedication, it is possible to have beautiful and hydrated long strands. If short strands are successful among women, long mermaid hair is not far behind either. It shapes and highlights the face, and draws attention wherever it goes. Here, we will give you some tips which will help you to grow, and to take care of beautiful long hair.


How do you grow your hair?


Even long mermaid hair deserves a cut at the ends. That’s right. There is no point in displaying ultra-long strands with dry, split ends. So to keep the cut up, go to the hairdresser every three months. You will notice that your hair will look healthier. Mermaid hair has a natural wavy strands. To do this you can let your hair dry naturally, and texture with combing cream. If you have short strands, and want to have long mermaid hair you need to keep the ends trim. Hydrate weekly and keep wires away from chemical and thermal appliances.

With a little patience and care, you will soon have beautiful long hair. The loreal silver shampoo is without salt, and has the formula enriched with biotin which cleans and moisturizes the hair, strengthening the wires for better growth. Ideal for keeping hair always strong and healthy. With a unique formula, this shampoo nourishes hair from root to tip with every wash. This helps the hair to grow healthy, strong and beautiful.


Coloring will enhance the long strands


Mermaid hair has a lighter shade, so try to lighten the ends or length of the strands. This effect is reminiscent of “sunburnt hair,” but the coloring needs to be done with a hair dye, and with a professional. Long hair needs moisturizing weekly. Every hair extension needs to receive the nutrients that are lost daily. Do not forget the vital role of using a shampoo which is perfectly made for long hair. Loreal magnesium silver shampoo removes yellow tone from your long hair. It also protects the long hair from split ends, and conditions your hair. You can also with a good hair mask, and interweave it every fortnight with a more powerful reconstruction. It is ideal for chemically treated hair and requires replacement of lost nutrients. It ensures the sealing of damaged ends, and reconstruction of the hair fiber leaving the wires looking healthy, and natural.


Brushing for growth


Sometimes the oldest trick may be the most effective. Not only does it allow the hair fibers to aerate with the removal of dust, pollution and styling waste, but it also has a beneficial effect on scalp microcirculation. Two brushing rituals you should adopt – in the morning, starting at the tips and upwards, little by little, to remove any tangling without damaging your hair, and at night to “clean” your hair and stimulate your scalp, comb your hair – forward and then backward.

Long hair can be temperamental, and does not always need the same treatment. The state of your fibers varies according to the weather, your hairstyle, your styling habits and the way you take care of it. Dry hair will not stay that way after a few weeks with the right treatment.


Do not underestimate the rinse


A good rinse takes time: a minimum of three minutes. Even longer if your hair is thick. In terms of temperature, it is best to start with warm water before progressively switching to colder water which closes the cuticle. Use silver shampoo loreal which gives your longer hair a beautiful, and shiny tone. Rinse the hair properly. This is the secret to brighter hair. To avoid any risk of breakage, be careful when detangling your hair when it is wet. Yes, you can start while letting the conditioner work, and with a wide-toothed comb, but not after rinsing, when the hair fibers are full of water.


Keep these tip in mind

You must regularly protect, and nourish the tips with a special leave-in treatment in the form of a light cream or serum. Do not hesitate to touch up the tips during the day. For long hair to be as healthy as possible, diet is essential. You should provide your hair with essential ingredients through your diet such as amino acids, vitamin B5 and lipids. To reduce damage to your long hair, protect it when necessary steps such as wearing a heat shield during styling, wear a hair mask during a seaside vacation, and wear your swimming cap when swimming. The less you expose your hair to an oxidative process, the more the cuticles outside the hair fibers preserve their function of protecting the cortex.