How to take care of lace front wigs??

Many beautiful girls choose to wear wigs at home in today’s day and age. Even celebrities wear them proudly, switching up hair color and daily styles as they have a significant moment in the beauty industry. Today, lace wigs are getting more popular as they look very natural.

Lace wigs are generally made by hands and are tied on a lace base strand. But to make them look their best, the proper care is essential. You may already have some idea about how to wash the wigs. But lace wigs require gentle maintenance because the strands are knotted through the lace. And because of little careless behavior, they can be pulled out or broken, damaging your wig.

Each wig needs complex techniques to get the best results. You should follow some steps to keep the lace wigs in fresh and good shape.


To keep the lace wig in its new and fresh shape, only tossing it into the sink, tub, or washing machine and expecting to come out the brand spanking new is not enough. You should treat them like natural hair and give them a gentle wash.

Soak your lace front wigs in lukewarm water and rub it gently. You can add shampoo of your regular use into the water, turn the wig inside and out, and let it immerse in the water for a few minutes. After, rinse the wig with cold water and get ready to apply the conditioner to give it a silky look. You can use wig-approved hydrating conditioners. Gently comb throughout the strands with your fingers to keep the conditioner away from the base of the wig. Let the conditioner set for one to five minutes. Once the time is up, rinse again with water and let it dry in a cool and dry place before using or storing it.

Note: Here, one thing is highly recommended: If your wig is a synthetic hair wig, do not wash your wig every time before wearing it, as every time you wash your wig, it shortens its life span.


Combing to a full lace hair wig is another crucial step towards its safety. lace front wigs need extra care while combing out the hair. You should not use your regular hairbrush or plastic comb and buy specialized combs for combing the wigs. Moreover, to prevent wig hair from getting loose, you should comb them from the ends to the top without getting too close to the lace base.

Final Words:

lace front wigs are getting popular as they give you a very natural look. After buying you should be ready to give them proper care. But before all this, you should also be careful about the place from where you are buying your wigs. It is always recommended to buy them from a good brand that makes high-quality wigs