It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to or how much you like your job, the fact of the matter is that stress is a very big part of our lives. On an average day, we might be working on anywhere between 10 to 50 different projects. There are deadlines to consider as well as communication and collaboration with other departments or individuals that might put you into a quandary. As if this wasn’t enough, you also have to put up with the continuous amount of distractions and interruptions that come your way all through the day.

According to surveys; a person working in an office nowadays can face up to 2.1 hours of distractions every day. There is also a fact to consider that times are changing fast and a lot of companies are either downsizing or restructuring their infrastructure. This can cause panic among the best of us. A lot of professional people have come forward to say that they stay awake at night thinking about the stress and whether they will have a job tomorrow or not. And if they do have a job, what are the things that they will have to put up with in order to continue that job.

The majority of working-class people are looking for answers to their problems and the one problem that takes priority is how to overcome the stress that they experience every single day. How can they maintain their focus and make sure that they complete their tasks on time when distractions and stress keep causing hurdles in their work? To help you out, we have compiled a list of ways through which you can handle the stress at work like custom stress balls, breathing techniques, and more.

Act Rather Than React

What happens to us when we are put in a situation where we feel that we don’t have any control? We react; plain and simple. Whenever some stress comes down upon us, it makes our bodies release stress hormones that affect everything including our confidence, our concentration, and our overall wellbeing.

So, the first thing that we have to do is to identify that stress and find out all the aspects that we can control in that situation and the ones that we cannot control. Whether we can control the outside situation or not, the one thing that we can control is ourselves. We can control our own actions and our own responses. Knowing this can cause at least 50 percent of our stress to ebb away and leave us in a more peaceful state of mind.

Take a Deep Breath

We all have the notion of reacting as fast as we can when we are put in a situation of duress. Anytime we find that someone has said something to us or done something to us, we immediately fire up a response and thus complicate an already complex situation. That is why experts recommend that when you come under stress, you should take a deep breath and analyze the situation before showing any reactions to it. Deep breathing can restore balance and help you to think clearly. All you need to do is to inhale and hold it for five seconds before letting it out. Do this for three minutes and you will see the difference yourself.

Eliminate Interruptions

All through the day, we have to face all types of interruptions. They could be the emails that we get, phone calls from family, friends, clients, customers, or people walking in on us while we are busy with something. Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, we have a lot more distractions than we used to have. Now you get notifications for the games that you play, social media apps, and other things that you can probably do without.

The first thing to do is to find out whether these notifications are important or not. If they aren’t important then disable them immediately. The second thing that you can do is to find out if the people coming to your office are coming there for a genuine reason or not.

You can do three things for these types of interruptions: you can cut them off, you can accept them, or you can plan something in the future with them. You can also tell the people around you that you are working and decide a certain time of the day when you will talk to them in person or answer your emails.

Schedule Your Day

A lot of people working in offices just enter their workplace and start working at the first thing that they see without doing any analysis of their tasks. We think that getting to our work as fast as we can, actually helps us in finishing it earlier.

The fact is that according to this “push through” approach, we actually bring our productivity down and accomplish less than we could have if we had just done a few things at the beginning. One of the things that we must start doing is scheduling our tasks.

This way we can plan bricks of time when we can focus on our work and give the proper time to each of the tasks. Also, make time to do either breathing exercises or to take a walk so that you can break the monotony of the day and keep yourself in top shape.

Eat Right and Sleep Well

Who knew that basic things like sleep and food directly affect our work conditions in the office?

Well, it does. Experts have proven that the wrong diet and lack of sleep can cause our brain to function at lower levels and that decreases our productivity the next day. What you need is to have a diet that is low on sugar and high in protein so that your body can get all the nourishment that it needs for the next day.

The same is true for sleep. You need to get sufficient sleep so that your body can feel refreshed the next day. If you have trouble sleeping, try doing the breathing exercise that we shared earlier to relax your body and your brain.

Wrapping It All Up

We are constantly bombarded with interruptions, distractions and if we don’t learn how to tackle them in a positive manner, we will remain stressed out all through the day and in the future. Try the tips that we have shared with you and you will see the results yourself. Lower your levels of stress and increase your productivityat work easily.