How to switch your career in Python


We all know that coding is a tedious and exhausting task. The programming language used can play a key role in reducing the amount of workload a software developer has to face and this is the reason for the immense popularity received by Python. Python is a beginner-friendly language with an easy syntax making it easily accessible not only to people working in the IT industry but also to people from a variety of different domains like mathematicians or scientists.

Following is a brief description of Python, the reason for its popularity, and how to switch your career to Python.

What is Python?

Python is an interpreted, high-level, and general-purpose programming language. Python was created by Guido van Rossum and has been around for about 30 years. Even in the constantly evolving IT industry, Python has stood the test of time because of its user-friendly, versatile, and dynamic nature.

Why Python?

Business giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and even NASA use Python. The reason why data science with Python training is preferred among the numerous programming languages available are:

  • Simplicity: one of the best things about Python is its simple and beginner-friendly nature. It closely resembles English, so a large number of codes can be easily written with the help of Python. It is a high-level interpreted language so even the most complex codes can be written conveniently using Python.
  • Community: Python has been around for many years and millions of people all over the world use it. Hence, finding the solution to any query or fixing a problem is easy with Python, because you can ask questions and receive answers easily on any social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Cross-platform nature and extensibility: Python works on Windows, macOS, etc., making the work of the developer quite convenient. In addition to its cross-platform nature, Python has extensibility, allowing it to have a cross-language nature.
  • Web development: web development with Python is a very smooth task. With the availability of frameworks like Pylons, Flask, etc., Python is ideal for web development. Python is also used for scraping websites.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Python is used extensively in machine learning and artificial intelligence with the help of libraries like Tensorflow, OpenCV, etc.
  • Salary: python developers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the IT industry and it is immensely popular with giants like Google, Youtube, NASA using it.
  • Big data: Python is ideal to analyze huge amounts of data and derive insights from it. Python has the feature of parallel computing and it is used to analyze enormous amounts of data.

Where is Python used?

Python is a versatile, dynamic, and high-level language. As a result of its simple syntax, similarity to English, and convenient nature, Python is used in a wide variety of places for example:

  • Web development
  • Graphics (Graphics User Interface, Gaming, etc.)
  • Software testing and hacking
  • Data science
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Scripting
  • Mobile and desktop applications

How to switch careers to Python?

  • Core python: Needless to say, a very thorough knowledge of core python is the basic foundation for establishing a career in this field. Knowledge of data structure, iterators, variables, file and exception handling, etc. is mandatory.
  • Web frameworks: for the web development aspect of Python, a crystal clear knowledge of web frameworks like Flask, languages like HTML, JavaScript, and Tkinter for Graphic User Interface.
  • For data science: since data science revolves around dealing with big data, people looking forward to building a career in data science with Python must be proficient in data visualization, data cleaning, data analysis, statistics, probability, SQL, etc.
  • For AI: For machine learning and artificial intelligence, one must know how to write and optimize machine learning algorithms, how to use libraries like TensorFlow and OpenCV, basic mathematical knowledge of concepts like statistics and probability, and a thorough knowledge of neural networks.
  • For Deep learning: a firm knowledge of how a machine performs language, video, and audio processing is mandatory, and a clear understanding of neural network architecture is very crucial.

What is the Average Salary?

The salary of a Python developer depends on the skillset of an individual, experience, and the organization they work in. Data science with python certification is also plays an important role in salary. Apart from this, the location where a person works also plays a key role in determining the salary. For example, in India the highest salary is offered to people working in Gurgaon, followed by cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.


Similarly, a knowledge of skills like Linux, AWS, Django, etc. along with Python plays a vital role in determining the salary. For example, the average salary of an entry-level Python developer with additional skills like AWS, Django, etc. is about 6 Lakh per annum.

Based on experience

  • Salary of entry-level Python developer: 5 Lakh per annum
  • Salary of senior-level Python developer: 8 Lakh per annum or more

It should be noted here that the salary is affected by several factors and one must always focus on developing the in-demand skills and gaining more and more experience.


Python, with its wide array of applications, is crucial to anyone looking forward to establishing their career in the IT industry. Therefore, it is high time to invest time and effort in learning and gaining proficiency in Python.