How to Support Local Businesses

Lockdowns may be temporary, but closures of local businesses could be permanent.

Many businesses are continuing to grapple with the impact of coronavirus. So now, more than ever, it is essential to support local businesses. 

Your support does not just help businesses stay afloat. If you spend $100 at a local business, around $68 stays within the local community. Compared to only $43 for non-local businesses.

When someone asks why support local businesses, you can tell them it benefits everyone in your community.

Despite restrictions, there are ways you can support local businesses and stay safe. Keep reading for five things to do! 

  1. Shop Local

It can be tempting to use popular global e-commerce websites for items, but check out your local business! It is likely to offer the same things.

So if you need something new, find out if a local business offers it. Websites such as Independent We Stand offer directories of local companies. 

  1. Order Direct

You can also support your local business by going directly to the source. 

For example, next time you want takeout, find local restaurants that deliver. Many locally-owned restaurants are offering pick up and delivery options. So skip a delivery app like Uber Eats, and go direct, such as with

The bonus of this is you can try a new restaurant each week! Many may not be on your go-to applications either. So you get fresh experiences, and the money goes directly to the business.

  1. Buy Giftcards 

Not sure what present to buy? A great gift is a gift card for a local business! A loved one can use it now or save it for a later date.

Or, of course, treat yourself!

If a business has a Google business profile, it can link to gift cards and donation pages. Search for local businesses in your area. If you would prefer to donate directly, focus on their funding pages.

  1. Engage Online 

A whopping 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020! Reviews encourage trust and help drive more consumers to the business. So write a review and share your positive experience! 

If the business has social media pages, engage with them. Like their page and photos, and comment, so their post is more widely shared. This is a great way to support local small businesses, which might not have much online presence. 

Geotag the location, so if others search your area, they can see the business. Hashtag ‘support local’ and find other companies this way too. Sharing photos of products can also help encourage others to follow your lead.

  1. Research Online Services

Many businesses have adapted their business models to offer their services online. Try online classes with a local yoga teacher, a music teacher, or a language teacher. Or online services with a therapist, financial advisor, or personal trainers!

And if you can, continue to support services like cleaners and hairdressers. One day you will be able to use their services again, but they might need your help now.

Support Local Businesses

There are many ways you can support local businesses. If you have the means to do so, visit locally-owned restaurants or get your takeout direct. Source local and find out more about what your community has on offer in the process!

Also, engaging online and spreading the word about a business helps! So whatever you can do, start today so that local businesses can thrive during this difficult time.

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