How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

You can watch millions of videos every day on YouTube. Creators upload videos in the hope you’ll enjoy them and keep watching. There are probably a few videos that you look forward to watching each week that you look forward to watching.

YouTube channel subscriptions may also be asked for by some creators. How do you achieve that, and what does it mean? Keep up with your favorite creators by subscribing to their YouTube channels.

What It Means to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel

Following a YouTube channel means that you will receive updates on the channel’s activity, including when new videos are uploaded and when the creator goes live. However, if you wish to know whether YouTube premium is worth the price, do check out the price.

As a result, their creators will be aware that you are a fan. By subscribing to a YouTube channel, you receive more notifications from it, which lets the platform know you’re interested in the content.

What You Need to Know About Subscribing to YouTube On Your Smartphone

There is no complicated process involved in subscribing to a YouTube channel. Using your device’s YouTube app is as simple as opening it. You can subscribe to a channel by entering its name in the Search box at the top of the screen.

Now you can subscribe to that channel and watch its videos. You can subscribe by tapping the red button. Under the Subscribe button, a notification bell allows you to customize your notifications.

Simply tap the red Subscribe button below the video if you’re already watching a video from a new channel.

How to Subscribe to a YouTube Channel on Your Computer

On your computer, you can subscribe to YouTube channels just as easily. Log into your account on At the top of the screen, use the Search bar to search for the channel you want to subscribe to.

You can now subscribe to the channel by clicking the red Subscribe button. When you subscribe, you’ll see a notification bell next to the Subscribe button, where you can customize your notifications.

A red Subscribe button is also available below videos while you are watching them. You might also like to check out the best ClipConverter alternatives.

How to Find Your Subscriptions on YouTube (Mobile)

Managing your YouTube subscriptions and notifications is possible for all the YouTube channels you subscribe to. On your mobile device, launch the YouTube app. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the Subscriptions tab.

Your subscribed channels will appear at the top of the screen. To view the full list, tap All. ​​​​​​​

By scrolling down the Feed, you can keep up with what’s been going on with your favorite channels. View recent channel activity, unwatched videos, unwatched videos, and more by selecting a tab at the top.

Select whether you want to view only videos or videos and posts at the end of the row by tapping the Settings button.

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