How to Study for Final Exams?

Nobody likes exams. If I get a chance to use the time machine at least for once then I will surely go back in time and will remove the concept of exams completely but we all know that this is just a dream which is not going to happen in reality because exams are necessary and that is the bitter truth. We have studied and understood a lot about various kinds of exams, but the biggest monster is final exams. It can be considered a nightmare for most of the students but when we grew up, we came to understand that we used fear from final exams because we were not in the habit of preparing for final exams in a planned manner. That was a scenario in earlier times, today students are having several means of online learning and online education where there are several facilities which can help the students for the final exam preparation such as LMS portals. LMS portals come under School LMS where school LMS is included by school management to make online learning for students safe and smooth. 

Students need to understand the value of final exams because final exams are a chance for those students who failed in any other earlier exam like quarterly or half-yearly exams. Therefore, preparation of final exams should be good enough to not only cover failures of earlier exams but also to score good marks in the final exams. So, lets understand and look into deeply how the students can study for final exams in a planned way:

  • Students usually enjoy the whole year and they wake up at the time of final exams, which is wrong. The proper manner for the preparation of final exams is to attend the class with full attendance and should study in every subject properly. Here properly means not only listening to the lectures of the lecturer but also making notes of important lessons and important topics taught by the lecturer. This provides proper study material for the students for preparation of exams at final time.
  • Students should not only enjoy studying with classmates and peer groups but they should study and learn with their peer group also. Such a learning process where group studies are done there studying with other students provides new ideas and conclusions regarding various tough topics which students can neither understand in class nor they are able to ask the tutor. Peer group represents such topics in the easiest way which are simple to memorize. This helps in final exams a lot.
  • As there are so many facilitative mediums since online learning has been started, students can take advantage of those facilities and can talk to the professors and tutors regarding a particular subject or topic if they couldn’t understand it properly in the class. They can take online video classes also particularly from the tutors if they face any trouble while preparing for the final exams.
  • Students can prepare their own notes which can help them a lot to study for final exams. They can prepare their own short notes regarding important topics of the subjects where they can make their own codes in abbreviations for long answers and such short notes help a lot for a proper revision at the time of final exams. Even in exams, long topics usually don’t come to the mind but their codes made in abbreviations flash in the mind easily.
  • Students have a variety of studying spots according to their personality and convenience. Some students like the cheerful morning environment for studying, some like quiet nights and some like afternoons full of noises. Every student has his own style of studying. So students should find out their study spot where they study very efficiently and can prepare for final exams in a good manner.
  • Students should study lesson wise and in a proper manner so that they can complete their course of syllabus before the completion of semester and should keep on revising the lessons as many times as they can. These repetitive revisions make the concept clear in the mind during the revisions and students don’t have to take too much burden on their head during the final exam. 

If a student follows the above methods for the preparation of final exams, then he/she will surely score very good marks in final exams.

Ellen Hollington

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