How To Store Shatter The Correct Way

You have looked around to buy shatter online, and it finally arrived. But it is the first time you’re giving it a try as you have used cannabis flowers and edibles. Maybe you heard that shatter wax and other oil concentrates go a long way. So whether you bought an ounce or in bulk, you cannot just toss it in a cupboard. Here we cover how you can store your shatter for months on end.

The Correct Way to Store Shatter

Shatter you can dab or inhale, and it has a unique appearance. The substance is brittle with a glass-like texture. So you can easily break shatter into small pieces. A popular reason to use the product is that it is high in THC. The percentage ranges up to 90%. So a little goes a long way, and storing it the right way is vital. Still, it also depends on how long you plan to keep it.

So for the short-term, for example, less than a week, you can use parchment paper. Place the paper down and spread the shatter on it. But make sure to cut enough to fold and cover your stash. There should be no gaps as it results in a less potent product.

For more protection placing the shatter bundle in a child-resistant bag also works well for a short time. Now, if you need to keep your shatter for a few weeks, then added steps are required. Start with your parchment paper by wrapping the shatter in it. Next, place it in a sealed bag or in a jar.

Place the shatter in a cool, dry, and dark place, even if it is only for a week or months. Still, if you live in warmer climates, then we recommend placing it in the fridge. Extended storage helps place the stash in the freezer using parchement paper and a glass jar providing a vacuum seal.      

Mistakes You Should Avoid Storing Shatter

Great, now you know the right way to store and buy Canadian shatter online. Here are some tips to avoid when storing.

1. Never use the incorrect jar as some concentrates you can store directly, others not. Shatter is one of those products that need parchment paper to prevent sticking to the glass sides.

2. Avoid leaving your shatter open and in the light as it degrades the quality and speeds up the THC degradation.

3. When removed from the freezer, do not open it and leave it to thaw completely.

4. Do not place it in any bottle and use a quality storage container that is child-proof. Nope, not that spaghetti container.

5. When selecting a glass jar, preferably use one with an opaque to keep it protected from light.

Final Thoughts

As shatter has a high THC content, it provides you with an elevated yet potent effect. In addition, you only need to use a little, making it stretch for a long time. By not storing it right, it will lose its potency and color. Further, exposing it to humidity starts to break down the quality. Using the above tips, you will store your shatter for a week up to months to use as needed.


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