How to steer your career towards Business Administration and Management?

The areas of ​​responsibility in management are broad. There is therefore no prescribed course of study to become a manager. The most common path is to study economics or business administration, i.e. business administration and economics. There is also the opportunity to study General Management or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at ISB but you need to get the admission in ISB. The MBA is particularly suitable as a lateral entry for graduates who have completed a non-economics degree but have professional experience. By specializing in a particular field of study, such as personnel management, event management or health management, you can prepare for a certain industry during your studies.

What the MBA actually is?

An MBA course is aimed at academics who have already completed their first degree, regardless of the subject. In addition, business administration is a systems science. This includes economics, but also psychology or sociology: After all, companies are about people, and they don’t work like machines. You have to be able to design the right structures in which people work and understand what motivates them. In addition, business administration is always an applied discipline. You only know what works in practice once you have had experience there. Therefore, good MBA programs require at least three years of professional experience.

With the Master of Business Administration (MBA) you are well prepared for management tasks in medium-sized companies. You are able to think strategically, act process-oriented and recognize optimization potential. You have the necessary knowledge and skills to act as a manager in an entrepreneurial, professional and well-founded manner. In the MBA program you have many customization options. You can choose your personal specialization profile from a total of four specializations: digital business, corporate management, marketing, human resources or a specialization or process management. 

A springboard for a successful career

The MBA course is known worldwide and in many cases is the springboard for a successful career. There are no jobs that are exclusively reserved for MBAs, but an MBA provides qualifications that many employers find appealing. That is the reputation that precedes graduation. Whether or not your own professional vision can be realized in this way is a question that you should definitely think through. Management skills improve your profile most effectively where they can also be used directly – that is, you should know exactly where you want to go with the MBA.

An MBA offers employees without a background in economics the opportunity to acquire broad management knowledge. An MBA course is aimed primarily at Commerce Students, natural scientists and humanities scholars, lawyers and doctors who want to expand their range of activities to include management positions. An Executive MBA offers working people application-oriented advanced training. Depending on the content, economists are also addressed through an MBA course through Goalisb.

The focus of the course is on economic knowledge and the learning of management skills. In addition to classic business administration content, management techniques and soft skills are also part of the learning material. 


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