How to Stay Safe On the Highways of Oklahoma

Are you hitting the Oklahoma City roads this winter? Then it’s important to remember that bad or severe weather can strike anytime. If you are not careful, this may result in a car crash. 

According to the recent statistics, a total of 9,763 Oklahoma Car Accidents were reported. Here are the main safety tips to remember when driving through Oklahoma City Highways. 

Slow Down 

Slowing down is the most logical thing to do when driving on ice or snow. Speeding makes it hard to control the vehicle and bring it to a halt. If the roads are icy, keep your speed below 45 mph on all roads. 

If possible, maintain even slower speeds than this. The reason, you can slide of the road even at low speeds of 10 mph on black ice roads. Sliding means you are too fast for the road condition. 


This should be a no-brainer to all. However, wearing a seat belt is even more critical in winter. Most fatalities happen in minor accidents where the occupants were not wearing a belt. Don’t make this mistake. 

And yes, you should wear a belt irrespective of where you are seating. Don’t assume that only drivers are obliged to wear a seat belt. It is for your protection. 

Maintain a Safe Distance 

The distance you require to bring your vehicle to a complete stop is higher on icy and slick roads. Therefore, ensure there is a five-car length distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. 

The space should be higher if you are driving a heavier vehicle or when you increase the speed. 

Have an Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle 

No matter how much driving you plan for this winter, ensure you have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Such a kit should include a flashlight, warm clothes, blanket, ice scraper, first aid kit, jumper cables, extra batteries, and nonperishable foods. 

In case you get stranded, stay in your vehicle until you get help. 

Don’t Stop on The Road 

Don’t be a good Samaritan on the road. Doing so may result in more problems than the ones you seek to solve. Therefore, if you notice a problem or an accident on the road, the best thing to do is to contact the police. 

Parking your vehicle on the roadside may force other drivers to apply sudden breaks and lose control of their vehicle. You don’t want this to happen. 

Check the Tire Pressure 

If the external temperature goes below 10 degrees, the air pressure in your tires also decreases. Low pressure tires skid more easily on wet roads thus requiring more time to completely stop your vehicle. 

Therefore, regularly check the tires to ensure you’re not driving on low-pressure tires. 


Are you scared of driving along the Oklahoma City highways this winter? Don’t be! Instead, keep these safety tips in mind and implement them. With this, you can comfortably and safely navigate these roads.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.