How To Stay Safe as a Truck Driver

The United States recorded the most deadly first half on its roads since 2006. According to Reuters, traffic deaths and car accident injuries increased by 18.4 percent and transport truckers are one of the most vulnerable road users in the country. About 5,000 truck accidents happen each year with an above 10 percent fatality rate, therefore, taking active steps to protect your trucking company as a fleet manager can never be a bad idea. Here are some tips to help you stay safe as a truck driver.

Be conscious of your health.


Truck drivers average 605 to 650 miles per working day, depending on the route and other varying factors. This arrangement already presents a loaded daily schedule; however, some may go beyond the 11-hour shift working overtime. No doubt, such extensive work arrangements come with several daily risks, that’s why prioritizing your health as a truck driver is necessary.

Unfortunately, due to the sedentary lifestyle, many truckers need various physical therapy sessions to ensure optimal health. Chiropractic treatment can be a truck driver’s best bet to avoid the long-term effects of muscle spasms, scoliosis, spine stiffness, and other issues. Chiropractic adjustment keeps increasing as a go-to for many Americans seeking new ways to battle pain relief and spinal health issues and today’s digital world has even made it easier to access the best chiropractor from your home. For instance, a quick Google search for “chiropractor Denver” can bring up several options in Denver and its surrounding areas.

That being said, it’s essential to always check your chiropractor’s credibility before opting for a treatment plan. Check their years of experience and range of massage therapy options. Some may be well versed in multiple massage solutions, whilst others may have specialized in a particular field like acupuncture. Ultimately, ensuring a close relationship with a chiropractor can be a good call if you want to ensure your safety on and off the road.

Get truck insurance cover.

Commercial auto insurance can be a great way to protect yourself as a truck driver and your truck in the event of an accident. Insurance policies are mandatory for the trucking industry and getting the right coverage is crucial. Therefore, the first step in assessing a commercial truck insurance policy can be to check the truck insurance quote. Insurance requirements rely on various factors including the set standards of each insurance company. For this reason, comparing multiple commercial truck insurance providers and their policies can lead you to the best options.

Getting the best deal on the insurance market also depends on your deductible and premium plans. As a rule, a higher deductible may come with a lower premium and vice versa. Also, note that your choice may influence how much you spend on medical payments in case of an accident. Ultimately, seek enough clarity from your truck insurance agency on the specific benefits included in your package. Some trailer and cargo insurance options may protect your car from vandalism, giving you more physical damage coverage options.

Take breaks when tired.


Taking intermittent breaks can be a great option for commercial truck drivers, no matter the tightness of your delivery timelines. Driving for long, especially in a poor posture, can come at a great price. You’ll likely lose focus endangering your life and your rig. According to road authorities, distracted driving and fatigue are among the leading causes of truck driving accidents in the United States. Therefore, adhering to road usage regulations counts as a must if you want to protect yourself as a truck driver and your trucking business.

All in all, many truck drivers have various unique health concerns in addition to other problems that occur in the profession. So, it always helps to keep the above tips in mind when on the job.

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