How to Stay Motivated on Your Journey Towards a Dream

Have you ever found yourself working your butt off but not seeing any progress? You might be staying motivated at the beginning, but then things start to get tough and it becomes hard to stay on track. Whether you are chasing after a fitness goal, financial goal, career goal, or personal dream – staying motivated can be difficult sometimes. The good news is that staying motivated doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems! Here are some tips for staying motivated no matter what type of goal you’re pursuing.

Set smaller goals

Setting a big goal is great, but you’ll stay motivated longer if you break it down into milestones. For example, say your ultimate dream is to become an entrepreneur and earn $100k per month. First things first though! You should set smaller subgoals like staying motivated enough for one solid year of entrepreneurship or staying focused on building the business during this time period instead of quitting early because “it’s too hard”. By setting smaller goals that lead up to the bigger goal (and rewarding yourself when you accomplish each milestone) will help keep motivation levels high throughout the entire process.

Create visual reminders

The more real something feels in our mind, the more likely we are to believe it can happen. If you have a dream, chances are that it feels very far away. To help keep motivation levels high – create visual reminders of your goal around your house or work area. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight and staying motivated is hard because the scale isn’t budging yet – place motivational quotes next to the scale so every time you weigh in there is a reminder of why staying healthy matters. This will increase motivation when times get tough!

Image Source: Art & Home

Find an accountability partner

Sometimes staying disciplined on our own can be difficult…but having someone else hold us accountable always helps motivate us even more! Whether it’s a friend, family member, coach or trainer at the gym who holds you accountable for working out regularly (and won’t let you get away with excuses) – having someone else hold us to staying motivated will make it easier.

Find something worth staying motivated for

A lot of the time staying motivated is about finding more than just external motivation, but internal motivation too! Often times staying disciplined becomes difficult because we are chasing after goals that don’t matter enough for us to stay on track even if things aren’t going our way sometimes. When there is nothing at stake then staying dedicated can be tough. Make sure you have a deep-rooted passion in your heart when it comes to working towards your dreams so staying focused isn’t as hard!

In the end, how motivated you can remain relies a lot on you. Set the right mindset, and keep reminding yourself of the reasons behind your dreams and you will get further than you might have thought possible. 

Now go out and #staymotivated no matter what type of goal you’re pursuing! Good luck!!