How to Stay Away from Scammer Movers and Packers?

“To know about fraudulent movers and packers and how to spot them amidst the busy market, kindly keep an eye on this blog section”.

If you are moving to another place, then now is the right time to start searching for movers and packers.

Although the market is full of affordable movers Chicago, it is needless to say that just like any other service line; this market is also full of scammers or fraudulent companies. This is the reason why you must try hard and find out authentic companies.

In this blog, I’m going to talk to you about a few red flags that are evidently available in scammers. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, kindly read the rest of this blog.

One of the first red flags is that the unprofessional moving companieswould give you a blank or incomplete contract. Make sure that you do not sign that. If you have any questions regarding the contract, please get in touch with the company. If they provide vague answers, skip to the next!

 Secondly, If the company is asking you for a huge amount or the total amount at the beginning of the relocation, then you must stay away from that kind of a company. They can, of course, ask for a token amount but not the entire amount. This is another sign of a fraudulent company.

Moreover, if the company does not have its own office or physical address, then you have reasons to be doubtful. I always suggest my readers go and visit the company’s office in person so that they can understand how they work and what their ethics are.

Moreover, if the company providing moving and packing services Chicago is not willing to provide you with any information on insurance policies, then you should stay away from that company.

The companies provide various kinds of red flags and one of them is extremely cheap rates; if they are providing you a rate that is too good to be true, you have reasons to ask questions. Is this the right amount or are there hidden charges? Do they provide end-to-end services? Are they punctual? These are a few questions you need to find the answers to before you end up hiring an inefficient company.

Read as many reviews as possible in order to be safe. Go through BBB credentials, Google ratings, Yelp reviews, etc. Also, check the company’s website, social media account, etc. You need to be careful while looking for professional movers in Chicago. Also do not forget to check its social media website.

Also, if the customer service is not good or have casual phone etiquette. The moving company should have a solid customer care team who are willing to answer your queries and are happy to help. Whether it is related to COVID-19 protocols or insurance claims, they must have the answers ready. If not, then get in touch with other affordable moving companies in Chicago.

If there is no logo on moving trucks, then you should opt for another company. This means that they use-third party trucks which mean they have no liability once the truck leaves destination A for destination B! The same theory goes for equipment. They should have their own dollies, moving materials etc.

Asking for extra money, overbilling and using low-quality packing materials are also signs of fraudulent companies. Kindly do your research well and ask in groups before you go ahead and book. If they want to charge money as per cubic foot, do not listen to them and please look for another professional moving company in Chicago.

If it doesn’t have third-party reviews. If it doesn’t come for a survey or have a pre-book glance at your items through video call, then please ask them how they are providing the quote. Choose the right company for moving in Chicago.

Author Bio: Austin is a blogger on affordable professional movers and moving and packing services in Chicago. To choose the best professional moving company or affordable moving companies for packing and moving services in Chicago, read his blogs.