How to stay Anonymous on the Deep web?

It is very risky to visit Deep web. A wrong click can risk your life. There are many hackers on the deep web who are ready to track your personal details including location, credit card details, messages, contacts details, passwords etc. 

We highly recommend you not to access or browse deep web but if you are still planning to visit deep web sites then there is a precaution which you should always do before accessing Deep web.

In order to avoid your personal details getting hacked, you should always stay anonymous on the Deep web. Anonymous is someone who can’t be tracker by anyone and his personal details and location are hidden.

Being anonymous is not as easy as eating a cupcake. There are some rules that you will be needed to follow, in order to stay anonymous on Deep web.

How to stay Anonymous on the Deep web?

We access the Deep web through Tor but Tor is just like any search engine. It does not promise you to make you stay anonymous at all of the times but there are some things which you can follow, in order to stay anonymous on Deep web. Those things are mentioned below:-

1. Protect your identity

Tor is not strong enough to protect your identity. You should always assume a new identity. Never use your own name, password, contact number or email address on Deep web to login to any website.

You must always create a spare email id which you can use to sign up/sign in on any website on the deep web. Also, tell those spare details to anyone who asks for your information through chat rooms etc. This was the first tip that you should always follow while Surfing deep web.

2. Don’t Download anything

You may already know that downloading something from the Deep web is highly risky. Hacker’s often create software on the deep web with viruses which will attack your personal details and send them to the hackers so you should never download anything from the Deep web.

3. Disable Scripts from Tor Browser

Disabling Scripts from Tor browser is also a good option in order to stay anonymous on the Deep web. You can easily disable scripts from the Tor Browser by going into the settings of Tor browser.

Disabling Scripts prevents the websites you surf from collecting your personal details.

4. Cover your webcam

You should always cover your webcam while using Deep web as some hackers can even hack your webcam and see the live footage from your webcam.

Many people have reported this problem that someone is able to see them through webcam. You can cover your webcam by using a webcam slider or even a cloth.

5. Never open Tor browser in full window 

It sound to be a bit weird but it is true that hackers can hack your personal data if you open Tor Browser in full screen. You should never change the window of Tor Browser. Dragging it to any other position is also not recommend. 

These were some of the Tips which will help you to stay anonymous on the Deep web and to browse the Deep web without any risk.