How To Stay Ahead Of The Competition In On-demand Food Delivery Business

In this fast-moving life, people expect everything to happen at a snap, and the advent of technology has made this possible. With the rise of the internet and social media, competition across all industries has boomed up. No exception for the on-demand food businesses.


Everyone is too busy with their hectic life schedule, they are unable to cook or dine out, thus food delivery has become a necessity. The advancement of technology has made food deliveries possible and seamless through the most convenient and safe mode. There are various big players like Zomato, Swiggy, Grubhub, etc. So to beat the intense competition, you need to constantly find new ways to adopt strategies to beat your competitors without reducing your profits.


Here we will discuss the key points that will help you establish a productive marketing strategy and stay ahead of the competition.


  1. Innovate To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors:


The best way to stay ahead of your rivals is to know where they stand. You should do a deep analysis of your competitors. You can compare their service standards with yours, and then take necessary action. You should gather ideas for ways to amend your business through customers, employees, or competitors. Remember, your competitors regularly innovate, and disrupt new entrants in the market. You need to innovate often and in such a way that competition becomes difficult to emulate. You should identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and then you can modify your marketing efforts which make you stand out.


  1. Exploit Technology:


Technology is evolving more and more every day. To get every possible opportunity in the competitive landscape of the on-demand food delivery industry, make sure that your software is filled with the best of attributes and capabilities. Therefore you should hire a software development team wisely out of the market that can meet the growing demands of your business.


  1. Understand what your target customers want:


Don’t give your customers a reason to switch to a competitor. When you diversify your market options, retain some existing aspects of your marketing to perform well with your existing customers. Always be updated with your customers like what matters to your customers and how do their needs and expectations change over time? Consider all the touchpoints you have with your customers from pre-sales to purchase and after-sales. To remain relevant to your customers, you must focus on their needs and you keep growing.


  1. Target New Audience:


If you desire to escalate your business, you will need to target a new audience for your on-demand food delivery solution. Your audience zone can vary from busy professionals to college students. Each will have a different option and therefore food will be ordered accordingly.


Another way to attract new customers is to build strategic alliances with businesses that can take customers into your context.


  1. Build responsive customer support:


Providing excellent and memorable, customer service is the best way to cultivate loyalty in your customers and differentiate yourself from the competition. Your customer care team should always be polite and respectful. They should always be responsible for customer queries. Whether your customers are communicating via website, email, live chat, SMS, phone, or social media your team needs to respond quickly. An instant dispute resolution approach is key to a successful on-demand delivery solution.


  1. Compare your competitor’s price & offers:


The easiest way to stay ahead of your competitors is to offer more affordable prices & best offers. You should highlight your differences with your competitor’s on-demand apps. You must provide better offers from your competitors that will attract your customers to order food through your on-demand delivery management software.


  1. Follow the Trends For Growth:


It is important for you to follow the trends and market demand so that you can keep offering something new to your customers. Customers lean only where their demands are taken into consideration. Always be updated with the current trend to achieve growth for your food delivery business.


  1. Continuously improve your marketing strategy:


Marketing strategy needs to be self-developed and flexible. Unique marketing strategies will make your on-demand app apart from other big chains. This leads to better development of your on-demand food delivery software. You can elevate your business via social media by creating social media pages, to gain that you better extend a dedicated software development team to SEO marketing, so your website will rank high on Google.


  1. Food delivery must be on time:


It is important to deliver packages of food to your customers on time. Any drop in this section can make you go through a major blocker in your success. Customers never like delays, especially not in food at all. Once a customer has a bad experience, he will not use your app again.


  10.Look After Your team:


A business is nothing without employees, no matter how renowned it is. You should always appreciate the work of your team and if they make a mistake, you should not treat them poorly. You should always listen to your team, their suggestions can lead your business towards growth. Thus, your employees will be loyal to you, and will also work enthusiastically.




With each passing day, the competition among the on-demand food delivery business is intensifying at a rapid pace. To survive in such a complex business environment, your organization needs to continuously improve its marketing strategy and adopt technological advancements.


If you are able to execute the above strategies in your business operations, it will be easier for you to advance in the competition in a shorter time.


Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading on demand cargo delivery solution. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.