How to stay active on vacation by Rizwan Ahmed CPA

On vacation, our rhythm of life can change radically: we don’t have to get up early, we don’t care about punctual meals, we relax… If we want, we can even sleep through the night. Finally, we can be flexible and forget the worries. But we are creatures of habit and big changes don’t always suit us. There is even talk of “pre-holiday stress”.

Rizwan Ahmed CPA says the joy of finally having a few weeks off from work can quickly turn to frustration if we don’t know what to do with it. Vacation doesn’t have to be another word for idleness or wasting time. The secret is to maintain a minimal routine to avoid becoming chaotic and to make it easier to get back to work.

For example, the first few days of vacation are ideal for cleaning up the office. Throw away useless letters, file the old ones and put away anything you won’t need when you get home. Now that you have the time, you can go through all your directories and files and give them a thorough clean. A tidy desk will also make your return more pleasant says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

On the days when you’re not driving away, don’t let the four walls fall on your head. Go out, exercise, meet up with friends and visit places you haven’t seen yet. Be physically active. Enjoy your home too. Try out a new recipe at your leisure, watch one of the movies or read one of the books that are piling up in the living room because you haven’t had time yet.

Rizwan Ahmed CPA says use your time to take an online course that allows you to organize your time however you want. You can learn a lot of new things on vacation. Skills such as communication and time management are rarely taught in the workplace (they are taken for granted), although they are the most valued. Holidays may be just the right moment to learn such skills on your own initiative and have fun doing it.