How to start your own bitcoin exchange software?

In today’s digital world, there is no way that one hasn’t come across the term Bitcoin. The digital ecosystem is slowly shifting from cash payments to cashless transactions and cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream across the globe. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was introduced in the year 2009. Ever since, this coin has always managed to make its way as the hot topic through news headlines and social media. Even though Bitcoin’s price can be shaky, its value in the real world is huge, and is unmatched. Hence, the best way to make a favorable outcome out of it is by trading them. 

Many exchange owners, investors, and even novice traders have made massive profit numbers with this ever-growing digital currency. If you’re also someone who was intrigued by such headlines, this blog is for you. Here, we are going to discuss the essential elements that you shouldn’t miss, and need to know about,  for your bitcoin exchange development which will fetch tremendous profit returns! So, let’s get rolling. 

What are the factors to look into for bitcoin exchange software development? 

  • Regulatory Framework

Before commencing your bitcoin exchange, it is very important to analyze the regulatory requirements and adhere to them, to build a strong base for your exchange, and avoid future confusion. The regulatory laws might differ from one country to another. So, your exchange needs to comply with the regulatory framework based on your operational location. It is also important to adhere to location-based KYC( Know Your Customer), and AML( Anti Money Laundering) to ensure authenticity for the exchange. 

  • Exchange architecture

You need to give sheer importance to building a robust architecture for your Bitcoin exchange platform software. Quality and security must be given utmost priority. The security protocols of the platform should be integrated with meticulous care. And, the technical implementations and features should enable high-performance, to create a win-win for both the users and the exchange owners. 

  • Advanced, Intuitive user interfaces

Providing a seamless user experience is the key to the success of your exchange. The exchange should be designed with an advanced, user-friendly interface, and with flexibility for customization. The platform should also support connecting to APIs of other external exchanges to provide real-time trading information and experience to the users. 

  • Enhanced Liquidity

Liquidity is one of the crucial factors for an exchange. It is important to generate high-volume liquidity for your bitcoin exchange platform, to help investors with quick, efficient trading experience, and have their orders filled in a timely manner. And the different ways to generate liquidity for your platform is as follows, 

  1. The first option is connecting your exchange with a network of other external exchanges through which the liquidity of all the exchanges will be linked with each other. 
  2. Another option is to stimulate trade activities within your exchange by conducting artificial trades which will boost liquidity. 
  • Exchange features

The integration of quality features should be given prior importance as it decides the performance of your exchange. Some of the primary features are as follows, 

  1. Multiple cryptocurrencies and major fiat currencies support
  2. KYC/AML verification
  3. Secure multi-currency crypto wallet with multi-signatures
  4. Powerful Matching Engine
  5. High TPS
  6. Admin backend panel
  7. Transaction history
  8.  Liquidity API
  9. Payment Gateway 
  10.  Firewall/Firebase
  11. Robust security implementations
  12. Mobile Application support
  • Exchange Module

It is essential that your bitcoin exchange software is module-based, which means each module should be functioning individually from others. Having different servers for each module with their own IP address without one interfering the other will provide improved functionality and security for the platform. 

These are some of the primary factors that you need to consider while building your bitcoin exchange software. Now, what is the best way to build your exchange? Let’s find out. 

How to build a bitcoin exchange software?

There are different ways to go about building a bitcoin exchange software. The first one is, building the exchange from the ground up. In this method, you will have to undergo all the above-mentioned procedures and more by yourself which will consume a considerable amount of time and money. Also, you need strong technical support to build a sustainable exchange for your business. If you’re looking to launch your exchange within a short turnaround period, this is not a viable option. 

Another choice would be to obtain a white label bitcoin exchange platform. A white label bitcoin exchange is a readily-available exchange integrated with all of the above-mentioned components, and every essential functionality required for the exchange. The reasons for why you should go with a white label exchange is because they are quick to launch, comparatively cost-effective and also highly scalable, and customizable. 

To get up to speed among your competitors and mark a place for yourself, conduct extensive research, and choose the right company to acquire white label bitcoin exchange solutions to spin million-dollar profits. 


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