How to Start Your Life Over: 15 Tips for Creating a New Beginning

Did you know that around 258 million people in the whole world are migrants?

By definition, these are the people who don’t currently live in the country they were born in. These people had a whole new beginning in another country at varying stages of their life.

You don’t have to move to another country to start over, though. You can start a new life today by making small changes, although you can do big changes too if you need to.

Ready to learn how to start your life over? Read our expert tips below.

1. Create a Plan

Taking that first step is hard, but it’s harder if you don’t have a plan. You don’t need to have a plan for every day of the new life you’re dreaming about. But, at the very least, you must know what direction you’re going and what it takes to get there.

Want to start a new life elsewhere? Choose a new city, state, or country and then go from there.

Want to move on from a past relationship? Think of ways you can focus on others instead of the memories.

2. Celebrate the Little Victories

That first step alone is worth a celebration. Be easy on yourself and allow yourself to be happy about any positive change, small or big.

A small victory is still a victory. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, take a quick rest, and maybe give yourself a treat.

3. Don’t Lose Focus on the Next Steps

However, don’t dwell too much on one victory. It can be addictive, and it might lead you to stagnate.

You still have many victories to achieve, so after celebrating one for a bit, push yourself to move on to the next. Use the feeling of winning to get you through another challenge.

4. Don’t Focus on the Defeats

Life is a wheel. Sometimes you’re up, and sometimes you’re down. Remember this: There will be defeats even if you do everything right.

Don’t blame yourself and dwell on the loss. This will lead you on a downward spiral. In the same way that you shouldn’t get stuck on a victory, accept the defeat and move on.

Remind yourself of all the small and big victories you’ve had so far. Let them motivate you toward making another one.

5. Let Go of Your Old Life

You’ll need to learn how to let go of things that don’t have a place in your new life. It can be an item, a place, or even relationships.

For example, a gift from an ex has no more place in the new phase of your life. If it only reminds you of hurtful memories, it has to go.

The same goes for toxic relationships. People with a former addiction, for instance, will do better without the people who nourished the addiction.

However, new beginnings don’t mean you can’t keep some things you love. Keep those that sustain you and keep your spirits full.

6. Talk to Anyone

If you’re planning to make a big change, feeling anxious about it is understandable.

What might help is confiding in someone you trust. It can be a friend, your partner, a coworker, or a relative. It must be someone with your best interests at heart.

In many cases, they don’t even need to talk. They can simply listen and sympathize with you.

This process can help you uncover some things within yourself. Who knows, you might even get a new idea in your ramblings. Of course, you can also ask them for advice too.

7. Take a Break

Too often, people think that they don’t make progress when they pause for a while. On the contrary, meaningful changes often happen when we take a break.

In the same way that our bodies need sleep to recharge, we can also use a break in our lives to recharge our spirits. You can use this time to shift your perspectives in preparation for your new life ahead. This also gives you time to reconnect with yourself.

8. Focus on Your Desired Results

People tend to blow up the negative aspects of life and ruminate on them. They allow fear to hold them, preventing them from living their best life.

If this is what’s holding you back from learning how to start your life over, you need to change your mindset.

Focus on the solution instead of the problem. This gives you hope and the right mental state to tackle a new beginning.

9. Create a New Habit

Humans are creatures of habit; we spend our lives creating them and sticking to them. They’re familiar, and so we’re comfortable when we do the same things.

You can use this to your advantage by creating a new habit that will benefit you in your new life. It can be exercising first thing in the morning when you’re aiming for a new, healthier life, or it can be meditating before bedtime.

Keep it up for 66 days and it will become an established habit.

10. Break Some Habits

Not all habits are healthy nor helpful. Some can be harmless, but others can be downright destructive.

Smoking whenever you’re nervous, for instance, is harmful to your health. Stress eating is another example as it might lead to food addiction and obesity.

Talking behind others’ backs with other people is a bad habit, and so is feeling conscious of every little thing others say. These habits are tough to break, but once you become mindful of them, you can ease off whenever you catch yourself.

Accepting the bad habit is the first step; consciously stopping it is a series of steps.

11. Ignore What Others Say

Remember that these tips aren’t rules, just like all those opinions and unsolicited advice from the people around you.

There’s no one direction your life must take. In many cases, your heart knows where it wants to go. It may be somewhere against your parents’ teachings or your boss’s command.

Starting your life over means you can finally be what you’re meant to be and where you want to be. Don’t lose this opportunity to do so.

12. Make Peace with Your Life Values

When you’re feeling confused, lost, and unhappy, it might be because you’re not living your life according to your values. Now is the time to be clear to yourself about what your values are.

Do you value simplicity? Then get rid of clutter in your home and leave behind complicated things in preparation for a simpler life.

Do you value your relationships with your loved ones? Start going out more with your friends and make time to visit your parents in another state. A busy schedule might be hindering you from doing these things, so you know what you have to do to get more time.

When your new life aligns with your values, you’ll find it more to be fulfilling. You’ll be happier each day knowing that you’re living your life according to what your spirit wants.

13. Flip a Coin

When you find it hard to decide, flip a coin.

When faced with two options and you don’t know which to take, play this game. Assign one option to heads and the others to tail. Then, flip the coin and see the result.

Did it make you happy? Then go for it. Otherwise, go for the losing side.

They say that it’s a good way to find out what your heart wants while the coin is still up in the air. You end up wishing for a certain outcome, and you either become happy or disappointed with the result.

14. Start Saying No Often

Another reason why people feel unfulfilled is that they tend to say yes to the wrong questions.

We sometimes feel obligated to say yes to a favor we don’t feel comfortable doing. Then we end up saying yes to bigger things, like an abusive relationship or a boring job.

Practice saying “no.” It in itself is a sentence. You don’t have to explain why, either.

You don’t owe anyone or anything your yes. Reserve it for the things that will make you feel fulfilled.

15. Start Saying Yes Often

At the same time, you need to say yes more. You need to say yes to a terrifying yet exciting change.

You need to say yes to starting a new job that scares you but you know will fulfill you. You have to say yes to moving to another state if that’s what it takes to live a peaceful life. Say yes to studying in IMBC if that’s a part of your dream.

Most of all, you need to say yes to a new, better life.

Get Support While Learning How to Start Your Life Over

Learning how to start your life over can be terrifying, yet the new possibilities are exciting.

Still, you don’t have to do it alone. Surround yourself with the right type of support and you’ll get there in no time.

Of course, these are only the starting tips to get your life back on track. If you want to discover even more ways to improve your life and keep improving, we invite you to keep reading our guides right here.

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