How to Start Preparing For UPSC Civil Services Examination

The UPSC holds the Civil Services Examination (CSE) to select candidates for the IAS, IPS, IFS, and services. Thousands of people enroll for the UPSC Civil Services examination, but only a handful succeed.  

There are three stages in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Stage 1: UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam

This Exam comprises two parts: General Studies-I and General Studies-II.

Stage 2: The UPSC Main Examination 

It has nine papers, including an essay, 4 General Studies papers, two optional papers, and two language papers.

Stage 3: The UPSC Personality Test 

Often known as the UPSC Interview, it is the third step of the UPSC civil services Exam. Following the meeting, the result obtained is announced based on the combined score of the UPSC civil services Main Exam and personality test.

1. Know about the UPSC Civil Services Exam 

To study for any exam, it is vital to gain complete knowledge about the Exam’s complexity. Read the UPSC civil services test notification attentively to familiarise yourself with the exam syllabus, pattern, exam timetable, and eligibility requirements, and all others.

One first should grasp the syllabus before you can begin learning the books for the Preliminary and Main exams. Understanding the syllabus will help you choose the right study resources, prioritize your topics, and so on.

After that, look at the preceding year’s questions and read through these to get a sense of what will be questioned in the examination. You will save a large quantity of effort during your preparatory journey if you devote a focused amount of time to this activity.

2. Review School Syllabus

Before writing notes, read the NCERT and CBSE study. The NCERT and CBSE study collections are available for free online. And save time, compose your notes with these sets. It may provide basic ideas and theories via NCERT school texts to candidates. These books give a detailed study in a sequence. They are also reliable because the provider is the government.

From the sixth through the twelfth grade, It should pay additional attention. In previous years, many competitive exams have asked questions straight from NCERT and CBSE books. As a result, the NCERTs are, without a doubt, the best books to begin your UPSC civil services exam preparation with.

It’s a good idea to take short notes while studying for the UPSC civil services Exam. I will be there for you during the summarizing process. The UPSC syllabus is so large that it helps maintain track of what has been studied and serves as a review checklist.

3. Mock Tests and Prior Exams 

Mock Exams are just as crucial for Mains as they are for Prelims. To arrange your responses in a moment’s context, you’ll require good answer writing practice. Coaches analyze your responses and offer ideas to improve.

By studying previous years’ papers, candidates will better understand the curriculum, syllabus, and subjects included in the test. It will also aid them in estimating the level of difficulty of the IAS papers and properly preparing for the test.

You should be connected with the news for the mock text because current affairs questions are included in every competitive test paper. Current events are highly essential for students and candidates who wish to pass major examinations. 

4. Interview – UPSC Civil Services Exam

The most significant aspect of your UPSC civil services exam interviews is personal bio-data known as (Detailed Application Form or DAF). Attempt to identify the most likely queries from DAF. The UPSC Personality Interview is performed only to learn the person’s personality and determine if that personality is appropriate for a job in the public sector.

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Aspirants for Personality Interview are given various queries based on their personalities from (DAF), which each candidate must complete. The DAF contains all of the necessary information on the applicant, including his interests, personal qualities, educational credentials, etc.


Thousands of people desire to work for the UPSC civil services exam, yet the vast majority will be unable to do so. They haven’t adequately prepared themselves. Ask yourself why you should put in the effort to do well on an exam. What makes you want to be the student who gets an A? Please create a list of your goals and work diligently to achieve them. The majority of students believe that They should prepare for each test in the same amount of time. Foremost, concentrate on the aspects of your daily life that will benefit you.

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