How to Start Investing? A Short Guide

Investing is putting your spare money in someone’s business and get your share of profit. When you invest the money there is always a time limit. After that, you start getting the profit.

 The key to earning money is to develop good habits. First, you should save money monthly. When you have enough money to invest than putting it in the business you trust.

Different ways of investing

If you are rich and have a lot of spare money. Then invest your money in such a business that gives you a good profit. But, if you are not rich than first you have to save the money and then start investing.

There are different ways to invest your money. Some of them are illustrated as follows. Others are explained at

1- Try the cookie jar approach

Investing and saving money are closely related. You have to save the money first then you should invest it. The traditional way of saving money is a cooking jar. You have to put a specific amount of money in the jar weekly or monthly.

The modern version of the cookie jar approach is the electronic account. Nowadays, it is the easiest and effective way to save money for investment. When you save enough money to invest than withdrawing it from your account and invest it.

2- Robo-advisor

If you do not have any experience in investing the money. Then Robo-advisor is the best choice to invest your money. It is very simple and easy to use.

Robo-advisor simply asks some questions about your goal of investment and risk bandwidth. Then he invests your money according to your goal. It is a program on which different algorithms are working on the backhand.

The one downside of this is the fee of Robo-advisor. Robo-adviser charged the fee of 0.25 percent of your investment per year. For example, if you invest 100000 dollars than you have to pay 250 dollars to Robo-advisor per year.

3- Stock Market

Cost is the biggest barrier when you think to invest in the stock market previously. But, nowadays the internet makes it so easy. You can invest a little money you have. Before, investing a big amount of money, you can invest a small amount of money to minimize the risk.

Now, you do not have to pay the commission to the brokers to invest in the stock market. You can easily be done at your home paying any fee.

4- Real Estate Market

You do not believe that nowadays you do not need a big amount of money. When you try to invest in the real estate business. You do not need to be the landlord to invest in this business. But, it is not as low as you invest in the Robo-advisor.

In the real estate business risk tolerance is greater than Robo-adviser. Because you have invested your money on the single property. But, in Robo adviser, you have to invest a small portion of your investment in different stocks.

Fundraisers are the online platform where you can invest with a small amount of 500 dollars.

5- Mutual Funds

 Mutual Funds are the best way to invest your money. It allows you to invest in the portfolio of bonds and share them with a single transaction. But there is only one complication. Most of the mutual fund companies require an initial investment of 500 dollars to 5000 dollars.

If you are a beginner and have a small amount of money than it is out of your budget. However, some mutual funds companies open your account with the minimum investment. The minimum investment of these companies is 50 to 100 dollars monthly.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

If you have spare money than there are different ways to invest your money. There is always some tradeoff in each investment scheme. Every scheme has its own merits and demerits.

 Nowadays, the positive thing is that you can invest a minimum amount of money. And you do not have to pay the extra fee. Investing your money in a good scheme is the best feeling nowadays.



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