How to Start an Effective Hair Care Routine

Hair care forms an imperative aspect of human hygiene and is as mandatory as a regular fitness routine. With growing age, in addition to adverse effects of external factors, such as pollution, stress, damaging our hair, following an effective hair care routine becomes the need of the hour. But as they say, prevention is always better than cure, health experts always stress upon the need to include essential oils, good hair products, such as Argan hair oil, and organic shampoo to reduce the speed of the body clock!

Hair Care Routine to Hair Growth

Now, the question is, what is exactly a perfect hair care routine? What all should one include in hair care ingredients? Well, let us walk through some of the important yet easy-to-follow hair care routine steps:


The first step of the hair care routine is maintaining the cleansing balance between removing dead skin and product residue without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Since the hair care products industry is booming with diverse brands venturing into the business, it will not be rocket science to get hold of perfect hair cleansing products. However, it is always advisable to go for organic shampoo and organic hair oil to initiate the process. The reason is that when our hair is already suffering too much because of all the dust and pollution out there, why should you subject it to chemicals in cleansing products as well! Also, Lotus Organics+ is a brand that has devoted itself to bring you the best organic products that can assist your hair in fighting back all the undesirable aspects!


The second step towards maintaining an effectual hair care routine is conditioning. Make sure to use a light conditioner and to avoid all those leave-in conditioners. The reason being that such conditioners can easily weigh down your hair and make it feel heavy. As per experts, organic conditioners, especially the ones containing oils, such as jojoba oil, works wonders on your hair. Lotus Organics+ brings you a wagon of brilliant organic conditioners that can suit any hair kind!

Moisturise and Seal

The next step following conditioning is moisturizing, as this will add further hydration to the hair. In fact, you may want to embark on a two-step process known as moisturizing and seal. This can be especially useful for curly or wavy hair that tends to be dry. The aim is to seal in moisture, not lock in dryness, using a hydrating product and grabbing hold of essentials oils. Now when it comes to using oil, Organic Hair Oils are the best option as they are renowned for sealing in the needed nutrients required for hair growth and management.


Are you also one of those persons who are always short on time and try to ignore the untangling of hair when in a hurry? Well, detangling is an important aspect of hair care, as it reduces hair fall! Always make use of the correct comb to detangle your hair, as using a harsh comb can lead to hair fall.  Depending on your hair type, you may require detangling every day or much less often. Also, choosing the best product for your hairs like Lotus organics+ will make your hairs less tangled.

Style and protect

The next step is to protect your hairs while styling them. Thanks to a number of tools and tricks like volumizers and gels, you can style your hair in almost any way you want.

But if you are a fan of heated tools, you will need to protect those strands with a heat protection spray. Well, Heating sprays is one such product that must have on your styling shelf!

Final Words

If you can include all the above-mentioned hair care steps in your routine, you will surely be a winner! Basically, rehydrating and strengthening the hair is the need of the hour and choosing the right products such as ones offered by Lotus organics + is the need of the hour!

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