How to Start Dressing Sustainably?

Nowadays, people are more aware about the negative effects of man’s activities to nature and are looking for more ways to live a more environment-friendly lifestyle. One of the most popular movements these days is the drive to sustainable products lifestyle. You could start this by switching to sustainable fashion.

Unlike what you might regularly do before, sustainable fashion not only refers to the type of clothing you wear but also how you handle your shopping behaviour. It might be a bit challenging at first but once you get the basics, it’s easy to maintain and incorporate it into your lifestyle. Here are some of the first steps on how to start dressing sustainably.

Do You Need It?

A lot of people get attracted and buy clothes that they won’t really wear much. This is very much in contrast with the perspective of sustainable fashion. One shouldn’t waste anything which means you shouldn’t buy anything that you don’t really need, whether it is clothes or other things.

Before purchasing, ask yourself first if you’re going to wear it for at least 30 times. If yes, then it is the perfect sign to buy it. Aside from helping you live a sustainable lifestyle; you could also save a lot since you’ll be surprised on the times, you’ll say no.

sustainable products
Image Source: Pexels

Know More

After deciding to live a sustainable lifestyle, you need to know the best places to shop for sustainable products you could use. Unlike many years ago, there are more sustainable brands nowadays that offer a wide variety of products that you need – from clothing, food, cosmetics, and many more.

Don’t forget to do your research to know if the brand is really a legit seller of ethical products or not. If you know people who have already adopted this lifestyle, you could also ask them for suggestions of the best brands and shops to go to.

Change Your Shopping Behaviour

Another big change you need to make if you want to live a sustainable lifestyle is to change your shopping behaviour. Buy only the things that you really need. For instance, instead of buying new clothes for every special occasion, stick to the ones that you already have as much as possible.

When shopping, choose pieces that look neutral so you can wear them on different occasions and still look appropriate and stylish. You may also consider rental clothing if you need something for a single occasion only. You could also shop for vintage or second-hand clothing to lessen the amount of clothes that are wasted.


If you have clothes that you don’t wear anymore, donate them instead of stocking them in the wardrobe or throwing them out. Other people get to buy and use those pieces and help them live sustainably rather than buying new ones.

Dressing sustainably is now made easier these days with so many options people have. Help save the environment and start your sustainable lifestyle by switching to a sustainable fashion sense.