How to Start and Stop Screen Recording on Mac

MacOS is a secured and futuristic operating system that has a lot of resourceful utilities. The display quality and high-definition resolution will allow you to create, view, or record good quality videos. Screen recording on Mac can help you record and share tutorials, save videos, share videos with your friends or colleagues.

You can screen record your activity, gameplay, add mouse clicks or add internal/external voice in your videos. This article on how to Screen Record on Mac with sound will explore the best handy options and will also introduce you to the Best Screen Recording Software for Mac.

How to Screen Record on Mac with Mac Screenshot Utility

The best utility to screen record on MacOS is the Mac Screenshot Utility. you can capture screenshots or screen record your activity on Mac with this utility.

Step 1. Initiate the screenshot utility by pressing (Command + Shift + 5).

Step 2. A small screen recording toolbar will come up on your screen. Click on the buttons to switch between recording modes to record selected portions, record the entire screen, or record your active window.

Step 3. As you select the recording mode, a tiny camera icon will appear on your screen. If you wish to select a region, you can select the ‘Record Selected Portion’ button and drag it to select the recording area. Click to start the recording once done.

Step 4. Click on the Options button on the screenshot toolbar for options to save or share the recorded video, set timers, select your default microphone, show floating thumbnails, record mouse clicks, or configure more options. You can easily personalize your videos with these options.

Step 5. Press the (Command + Control + Esc) keys to stop recording. You can also click on the Stop button at the top-right of the menu bar. You can press (Command + Shift + 5) to bring back the screenshot utility and click on the Stop button.

How to Screen Record on Mac Using QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is one of the oldest and most efficient music players that can also help you to screen record on Mac. The inbuilt screen recording utility can help you record your screen activity and create amazing videos, tutorials and other media content.

Step 1. Click on the Launchpad on the Dock and select QuickTime Player. QuickTime Player can also be accessible through the Applications Folder.

Step 2. Click on the File menu on the QuickTime Player menu bar.

Step 3. Select the New Screen Recording option from the File menu.

Step 4. A small recording progress bar will open with a Red Dot in the middle of the window. You can click anywhere on the screen to screen record the entire screen or you can drag to select the recording area.

Step 5. Click on the down arrow to select the internal microphone or allow recording of the mouse clicks. Once done, click on the Red Button to start the screen recording.

Step 6. Once done, you can click on the Stop Button on the top menu bar. The recorded video will open on the screen. You can play the recorded video, edit, share or save it to a specific location. Click on the File menu and click on the Save option. You can also press (Command + S) to save the recorded video.

Screen Record on Mac Using the Best Screen Recorder

The Best Screen Recording Software for Mac can help you create, record, edit and share professional videos on Mac. There are dozens of screen recording software available in 2022. We have compared the Best Screen Recorders for Mac and listed the best one here.

OBS Studio for Mac

OBS Studio is one of the best screen recorders, video editors and broadcasting tools that you can use in 2022. OBS Studio is compatible with MacOS, Windows and other OS platforms for FREE. You can record, or broadcast your live videos on multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Integration with AMD video Coding Engine and AAC codec is easy to customize and get the desired output formats.

The customization option has lots of options to customize recorded videos in the desired file formats. The user interface of OBS Studio may look a little tricky however small tutorials can help you customize settings, start recording, or make you a professional. There are better options to connect with different streaming services for live streaming. OBS Studio supports over 56 languages with the best editing effects. This makes OBS Studio the Best Screen Recorder for Mac.

Summing Up

This article on how to Screen Record on Mac with sound explained the best screen recording options. You can make use of the inbuilt utilities to screen record on Mac or try the best screen recorder for Mac. The FREE utility listed here has the best recording and editing options for creating professional videos and broadcasting them live on multiple social media platforms.