How to start an on-demand fuel delivery business? Essential Features for your fuel delivery app

Digitalization has progressed in many things including food, booking, grocery, shopping, and many other things. This is because the demand for online services has increased to a great extent. The fuel delivery business is a new concept in the world of on-demand apps. Through this fuel ordering app, users can get fuel from their smartphone by submitting a request to the app whenever and wherever they desire.


How To Start A Fuel Delivery Business?


To start a fuel delivery business, the most important thing to keep in mind is the rules and legislation by the government. Obtain permission and required licenses from federal and state authorities.


You can start your fuel delivery business in your region, and then slowly expand it. You should be prepared for heavy investment in this business. You have to invest in a specialized vehicle that will transport your fuel. Make sure your vehicle is installed with a mobile fuel dispensing unit. In addition, installed GPS will help you to track your fleet and its activity properly. Hire HAZMAT (Hazardous Material) drivers as they are trained for handling hazardous materials, safe driving, adjusting routes on road traffic, and population density.


You need to collaborate with the right fuel provider to avoid interruption in the flow of fuel supply.


Essential Features that you must have in your fuel-delivery application:


Features are one of the significant factors that will make the way for the success of the app. Therefore you should hire the best development team out of the market to get the best outcome for your app. Here are some important features that the app should have.


Easy Registration:


An easy registration process to develop an on-demand fuel delivery solution should be at the top in your priority list. Make it easy and reliable for users to swiftly login by trending social media sites/apps.



Adjust Pin To Vehicle Location:


One key feature you should consider is to allow your user to select the location where they want the fuel as sometimes people get stuck in obscure areas from where getting to the nearby gas station is impossible. With this feature, they will get fuel by adjusting the pin according to their location in no time.


Select the type of fuel, quantity, and scheduling time:


You must provide options for users to choose the preferred vehicle and the type of fuel they use. Furthermore, your users should be able to choose how much fuel they need at a particular time. Keep in mind, all these steps should be quite easy, quick, and convenient.


In-App Text Or Call:


Your customers’ time is precious, you don’t want them to be uncertain about when the fuel will be delivered. This feature directly connects your users to delivery experts without leaving the app.


Multiple Payment Integration:


Another integral feature that will boost the popularity of an app is payment integration that will allow users to pay through multiple options like credit/debit cards, net banking, e-wallets like Google pay and Apple pay, UPI, Paypal, and even cash on delivery. Make sure that you provide a safe and secure platform for your users to pay.


Real-time Tracking:


This feature is beneficial for all parties i.e. customers, administrators, and delivery agents. Through this feature, users can easily estimate the right time for fuel delivery. You should extend the dedicated software development team to accomplish a seamless transition of the application.


Transaction History:


People may not remember all the transactions done through the app.  Therefore, history is the right place where you can find all the information about fuel purchase, the amount spent, etc. Customers can make repetitive orders through this feature, with a single click.



Push Notifications:


Like many other apps, the on-demand fuel management app should also have some push notification features. This feature keeps the user updated with the service they asked for & all the latest offers and discounts.




Users can get attractive offers and some attractive promos from companies directly in their app inbox. Through this feature, there are higher chances of getting more orders and you can sustain long time relationships with customers. Do include the promo code tab in the app.


Monthly/Annual Membership:


You must deal with your loyal customers with extra care by providing additional benefits or discounts while they opt for monthly/annual membership. This feature allows your regular customers to place a proposed fuel order for the entire month/year which eliminates the extra effort with less cost to order fuel on a daily basis.


Ratings & Reviews:


Customers can check the reviews from previous customers, and they can also leave their feedback regarding the service. With this feature, you can learn about bugs and issues with the app and you can even upgrade the app. As it will help to enhance the customers’ experience and make your app better as well.


Customer Support:


If users have any doubts or want to contact the service provider, customer service is the right option. Therefore, you should provide strong customer support with different means like call, mail, and chat. An instant dispute resolution approach is key to a successful fuel delivery application.




The on-demand economy is dominating the market and it is becoming the trend that all development companies are pursuing. Fuel companies are also moving towards the on-demand market. The on-demand fuel delivery app holds such a promising growth scope and is expected to grow higher. If you are having an app idea for fuel delivery then this is the right time to enter the on-demand economy market.


Author Bio

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand gas and fuel delivery solutions development company. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.