How to Start an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is known to be one of the best digital marketing channels. It’s 40 times better at marketing than some social media marketing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Creating your first email marketing campaign can be challenging, so here are some tips for the journey.

1. Build Your Email List

Before you even start your campaign, you have to make sure you have a recipient for your emails. If you already have an email list, you’ll need to evaluate the status of your current contacts.

If you’re trying to build an email list from scratch, you need to capture your site visitor’s attention via email opt-in pop-ups. No matter what your brand is, the key to good lead generation strategies is to provide a valuable incentive for your visitors to join your email list.

For eCommerce stores or business websites, offering promotions updates via email is an excellent way to attract contacts. Blogs, on the other hand, often encourage email sign-ups by providing exclusive content and information only available via email subscription.

2. Refining Your Email List

The click-through rate is one of the strongest KPIs (key performance indicators) that you can use to evaluate your contacts. This tool inside your email marketing software tells you exactly who opens your emails and how often they open them.

If you find contacts that regularly ignore your emails, you should prepare to remove them from your list. Even though you want to collect as many emails as possible, unengaged contacts can affect your email deliverability rate.

That means your emails may be marked as spam, which can damage your sender’s credibility and increase your email bounce rate.

3. Choose a Type of Email Marketing Campaign

Email campaigns come in various forms. If you need some variety or your have specific goals that a particular type of campaign can help you reach, you should look at some of your options:

  • Welcome
  • Limited-time promotion
  • Empty cart
  • Seasonal
  • Customer feedback

These are some of the best email campaigns to whether you’re trying to gain more marketing traction or you’re just starting with email marketing.

Welcome emails, in particular, are a great way to introduce your brand to visitors. This type of email actually has a 91.43% open rate, so you’re more likely to receive attention using welcome emails over others.

4. Use Standard Campaign Structure

Despite the variety of email campaigns, there is a formula that most of them use to generate the highest conversion rate and value. Typically you’ll use the following elements to craft a success email:

  1. Subject line
  2. Hook
  3. Promotion
  4. CTA

Your email’s subject line is the first point of contact between you and your visitors, so you should use it to get their attention. The hook is the section that piques their interest and gives them a reason to continue reading your content.

Once you have your visitor’s attention, introduce an offer to them. The CTA (call to action) encourages them to act upon your offer.

5. Segmentation and Personalization

Segmentation is a form of personalizing your email campaigns and tailoring each email to the individual customer’s experience. That means you can use specific identifiers to learn what customers respond the most to your content.

In return, you create content that targeting those fields. These include geographic location, purchase history, race, and gender, to name a few.

Starting Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Despite all the popular formulas and strategies out there, email marketing requires a lot of experimentation and exploration. The most important step you can take is simply to start crafting your email marketing campaigns and find what works.

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