How to Start a Transportation Business: The Steps Explained

The transportation and warehousing market in the United States reached $1.3 trillion in 2019. That is a big piece of pie and there certainly is room for growth for decades to come. Are you thinking about starting a logistic services business?

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So, you want to know how to start a transportation business? Keep reading as we will lay out the steps you will need to take.

Transportation Business Ideas

Your first major decision to make is what type of transportation business you want. Defining this is done by first narrowing down who or what is to be moved. There are many types of transportation businesses including:

  • Medical transportation business
  • Bike, car, or truck rental business
  • Taxi service
  • Tourist transportation business
  • Moving company
  • Shipping service

You most likely have some idea of which of the many business sectors you’re interested in. If you have no idea, do some market research for the area you are thinking of starting a transportation business in.

Give Your Company a Name

This may seem like a minor detail, but there is more to choosing a company name than you might think. Consider your branding and what you want people to associate your business with.

You need to now create a business entity to shield you and your partner’s personal assets from business debt and liability by incorporating. You could choose to keep the business classified as a sole proprietorship but we wouldn’t recommend it for even smaller transportation business ventures.

Write Up a Solid Business Plan

Before you do anything, make sure you have planned out every part of your venture. You will need to figure in start-up costs and operating costs. These figures will give you an idea of how much revenue the business will need to pull in to get in the black.

Once you have your seed capital it is time to set up shop. Consider contracting out parts of your business like fleet management and mobile fuel delivery to build a strong foundation right from the start.

Market Your Brand

Transportation businesses are service-based. Keep in mind the true purpose of your business – helping people get what they want and need or getting to where they need to go. The better you do this, the faster you will grow and build the trust of your target market.

Now You Know How to Start a Transportation Business

The transportation industry is ripe for growth. When told how to start a transportation business, most are surprised that it isn’t as complicated as they thought.

Starting a business is never easy but if you follow the fundamentals, building a transportation business is within your grasp. Take lead from other successful transportation business models and make partners with the best in the industry.

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